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Social Democratic and Labour Party

Centre-left political party in Northern Ireland

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Social Democratic and Labour Party: Centre-left political party in Northern Ireland
The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) is an Irish nationalist and social-democratic political party in Northern Ireland. The SDLP currently has 12 MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly and two MPs in Westminster.


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Hume - the pivotal peacemaker in Northern Ireland

As SDLP leader, John Hume played a major role in bringing about Northern Ireland's peace process.
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John Hume: Nobel Peace Prize winner dies aged 81

The former SDLP leader helped create the climate that brought an end to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
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Good Friday Agreement architect Seamus Mallon dead at 83

Former Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Seamus Mallon, one of the architects of the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement, died on Friday aged 83, his Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) said.
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Seamus Mallon death: Former Northern Ireland deputy first minister and architect of Good Friday agreement dies

Former SDLP leader described as 'force of nature' and 'Irish patriot' after passing away aged 83
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The Battle for Belfast: How Remainers are pulling together to oust the DUP

In three key seats, Sinn Fein, the SDLP and Alliance are hoping the Remain vote will help them remove senior DUP figures from their seats
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What does the Sinn Fein-SDLP electoral pact in Northern Ireland mean for Brexit?

Tactical Voting: The pact is likely to cost the DUP seats
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Man arrested under terrorism act after bomb found on Irish border

The SDLP's Daniel McCrossan said locals were being 'absolutely tortured' by bomb alerts in the area
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