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Ronald Daniels is a professor and politician and was a third-party candidate for President of the United States in the 1992 U.S. presidential election in California. His running mate was Asiba Tupahache. He was on the ballot in Iowa and Utah as the candidate of his own Campaign for a New Tomorrow Party, the Labour & Farm Party of Wisconsin, write-ins as North Central Citizens' League/Progressive Party-1924, CCRPP, or independent in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Michigan as well as some in Iowa and Wisconsin, and in New Jersey as the Independent Party. The Daniels-Tupahache ticket received 27,949 votes for 0.03% of the national vote according to the published Clerk of the House of Representatives, Associated Press, Reuters, and National League of Women Voters totals, and probably right around 28,000 with scattered write-in votes across the country taken into account. The ticket received some daily and weekly newspaper endorsements as well as being endorsed by a number of campus, labor, or political publications, being among the six tickets to receive the endorsements of general-interest daily and weekly newspapers which did in 1992 including the Reform (Perot), Libertarian (Marrou), and US Taxpayers (Phillips) tickets in addition to Bush and Clinton.


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