Super Soldier Talk - Robyn Hyatt - Valkyrie Super Soldier
Super Soldier Talk - Robyn Hyatt - Valkyrie Super Soldier

Robyn’s Super Soldier Valkyrie aspect went by the name Fejb.

She served under Alon, who is the commander over the human race.

Alon and Fejb are the sons and daughter of Archangel Michael.

Alon is a member of the blue star council of 12, a group of benevolent beings who oversee this universe working closely the federation and Sanada the cosmic Jesus.

Within this group is the Infinity Starship, in which Robyn, as Fejb was stationed on.

On a mission, she was helping to liberate a slave planet, and encountered Jame’s, Super Soldier aspect who was the head general of the military.

Fejb was ordered to take James out, but she refused the order and instead James surrendered, where he was taken to Zeyphr, who is the Pleiadean commander, and Condor the lemurian commander, where he was deprogrammed and healed.

Today Robyn will be channeling Zephyr.