The Kimberly Cloud Show: My Documentary Resume
The Kimberly Cloud Show: My Documentary Resume

I just wanted to say once again thank you to all who watches me.

I see that a lot of people have been on my page heavy traffic.

I am humbled to have you guys watch me.

I am humbled that you all migrated to my page!!!!

Anywho, I just wanted to say that pictures are coming soon, actually on the 3rd of February.

Then the magic really begins.

I want to also thank these individual online networks like Facebook, linkedin, YouTube, twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Rumble.

I am happy to have you guys by my side, within reach of a computer to speak to the world about my documentary/interviews.

I love you guys, and I wanted to give a short resume of what Ive accomplished since being out of the military.

It started with converges, then alorica, then I worked for three methadone clinics as a counselor 50 patients a month.

Then I was the CEO of my own company Blue Cloud Cleaning LLC for around a year when my contract got sabotaged.

I had Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC which my merchandise that I bought was confiscated because my money did not come in for the Va.

Then I did various odd cleaning jobs and met some wonderful people and started to do the Kimberly Cloud show I was happy and I am content.