BMW Operating System 9 Video App
BMW Operating System 9 Video App

In addition to the BMW Theatre Screen with Amazon Fire TV built-in in the rear compartment of the BMW 7 Series, BMW customers are now able to watch a variety of video content on the central display too*.

The already very succesful TiVo operating system for smart TVs was optimised for in-car video streaming in the space of just a few months by developers from the BMW Group working together with XPERI Inc.

The result is the integration of the DTS AutoStage Video Service powered by TiVo.

The entertainment programme comprises both live channels and on-demand media libraries covering the categories news, sport, entertainment for kids, movies and TV series.

First launched in the new BMW 5 Series, the platform will now be rolled out to further executive and luxury models over the air**.

Since the end of 2023, customers driving compact models with BMW Operating System 9 have also been able to access the Video App with BMW Digital Premium.

These will be followed by further models over the course of 2024, such as the BMW X2 and all models in the new MINI family.

The Video App is currently accessible in the USA, UK, South Korea, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, and will soon be coming to Japan.

A number of portals are available internationally, including Pluto TV, Bloomberg, TED, Yahoo!

And Chili.

These are accompanied by market-specific streaming services: Germany: JOYN, ZDF, tagesschau, Deutsche Welle.

Italy: RaiPlay France: TF1 USA: Tubi, Gusto TV, Journy Japan: Hulu Japan, NHK Plus, NTV NEWS NNN, TVer, WOWOW