The new Opel Rocks-e Design Preview
The new Opel Rocks-e Design Preview

The new Opel Rocks-e is simply different: not a large car that requires a lot of traffic space in city centers.

The emission-free, 2.41 meters short and 1.39 meters (without exterior mirrors) slim city electric vehicle for two people opens up the way to electric mobility, especially for beginners - and with its closed passenger cell ensures that the driver and front passenger are always protected.

Since the Opel Rocks-e, which weighs 471 kilograms (including traction battery), is officially classified as a light vehicle, young people aged 15 and over with an AM driving license are allowed to drive it.

A corresponding amendment came into force in 2021, so that this regulation now applies nationwide.

The legislature supports the mobility needs of young people - especially for the way to school or an apprenticeship.

Even the basic version, which is available for 7,990 euros, offers the smart entry-level electric vehicle a range of up to 75 kilometers according to WLTP, which can be covered at up to 45 km / h.

This makes the new Opel ideal for everyday city traffic - and with a turning circle of just 7.20 meters, it is easy to steer through tight bends or into small parking spaces.

The electric motor of the Opel Rocks-e has a rated continuous output of 6 kW / 8 PS.

The 5.5 kWh battery can be fully recharged in around 3.5 hours using a normal household socket.

The associated three-meter-long charging cable is permanently housed in the SUM vehicle and is simply pulled out of the passenger door when required.

Opel offers an adapter for charging at a public charging station.