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Canada's Trudeau survives latest confidence vote

The vote could have sent Canadians to the polls in a snap federal election.
BBC News - Published

Canada finally introduces legislation to ban traumatising conversion therapy, putting the UK to shame

Canada has introduced legislation to criminalise the traumatising and pseudoscientific practice of conversion therapy. After the 2019 federal election, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau made a..
PinkNews - Published

Canada seeks to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy

The Canadian federal government introduced new legislation on Monday to criminalize LGBTQ conversion therapy, as Justin Trudeau's Liberal government moves to fulfill one of its 2019 election promises.
Reuters - Published

Leader of Canada's main opposition party quits after loss to Trudeau

The head of Canada's main opposition Conservatives quit on Thursday after losing an October election to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leaving the party in search of a more effective leader.
Reuters - Published

Canada’s Conservative party leader steps down

Andrew Scheer has been under pressure after election loss to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals
FT.com - Published

Canada's Conservative leader Andrew Scheer resigns

Canada's Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, who lost the October election to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced on Thursday in the House of Commons that he has decided to resign.
Reuters - Published

Canada parliament votes for committee to probe China relations in defeat for Trudeau

Canadian legislators on Tuesday delivered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his first parliamentary defeat since his re-election by approving the creation of a special committee to examine relations with..
Reuters - Published

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveils new cabinet

His Liberal Party retained power in the recent election but was reduced to a minority government.
BBC News - Published

U.S. trade groups raise alarm over Canadian digital services tax

More than a dozen U.S. trade groups and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday urged the Trump administration to block a French-style digital services tax proposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin..
Reuters - Published

Would Leaving Canada Solve Alberta's Oil Crisis?

Even if oil-rich Alberta were to break from Canada as a separatist movement wants, the landlocked heart of Canada’s oil industry will still have a tough task getting its oil out of the province,..
OilPrice.com - Published

Canada's Trudeau must change to survive with parliamentary minority

Canada's Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who only narrowly won last week's national election, must overhaul his approach to governing to guarantee the support of other parties to stay in power,..
Reuters - Published

Canada's Trudeau takes first step to rebuild cabinet after election blow

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday took the first formal step to creating a new cabinet after his ruling Liberals lost their parliamentary majority in an election last week, leaving him..
Reuters - Published

Chastened Trudeau to reach out to opponents after Canada election blow, rules out coalition

A chastened Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose grip on power was weakened after an election this week, said on Wednesday he would reach out to his opponents but ruled out any kind of..
Reuters - Published

Canada election: PM Trudeau rules out coalition after election

The prime minister's Liberal Party retained power in Monday's election but fell short of a majority.
BBC News - Published

Raising voter fears helped Trudeau to victory in Canada: sources

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled off a second consecutive election win on Monday with a late change in tactics designed to scare progressive voters who showed signs of abandoning Liberal..
Reuters - Published

Humbled Trudeau must redefine his political brand

Canadian election leaves country divided on energy and climate change
FT.com - Published

Trump speaks with Canadian PM Trudeau, congratulates him on election win

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke by phone on Tuesday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to congratulate him on his election victory, the White House said in a statement.
Reuters - Published

Canada's Trudeau keeps the wheel but prepares for left turn

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hung onto power on Tuesday, after a tight election reduced his Liberal government to a minority, a result that will likely push his agenda to the left while..
Reuters - Published

Trudeau faces challenge of uniting a divided Canada

Prime minister’s Liberal party will have to work with competing factions to avoid another election
FT.com - Published

Canada's Trudeau clings to power; must court left after losing popular vote

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hung onto power after a tight election on Monday that saw his government reduced to a minority, results that will likely push his agenda to the left while..
Reuters - Published

Explainer: What happens in Canada now that Trudeau seems headed for a minority government

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau retained power in an election on Monday, but his Liberals were reduced to a minority, making governing with the rival New Democrats and other left-leaning parties..
Reuters - Published

Canada's Trudeau hangs onto power in election; aides see two-year respite

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hung onto power after an election on Monday that saw his government reduced to a minority, but aides predicted he would be able to govern for two years without..
Reuters - Published

How Justin Trudeau managed to cling on to power in Canada's nasty, divisive election

Justin Trudeau's appeal was diminished by a series of gaffes, but he still had the winning card compared to his uninspiring rival
Independent - Published

Resurgent Quebec separatist party rattles Canada election, helps strip Trudeau of majority

A Quebec separatist party that softened its demands for independence reaped the reward on Monday, mounting a remarkable comeback in Canada's election that helped deprive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..
Reuters - Published

Canada's Trudeau retains power in election but will have minority government

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals held onto power after a closely fought election on Monday but were reduced to a minority government that will need the support in Parliament of a..
Reuters - Published

Canada election: Where it went wrong for Conservatives

The Conservative Party have failed to unseat Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party from power. Why?
BBC News - Published

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