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Lord Sumption attacks government over coronavirus restrictions

Former Supreme Court judge says ministers ‘deliberately stoked up fear’ to justify lockdown curbs
FT.com - Published

Coronavirus: Lord Sumption brands Derbyshire Police 'disgraceful'

Former judge Lord Sumption says Derbyshire Police's approach to lockdown "shamed policing traditions".
BBC News - Published

Independent body should advise Queen on constitutional matters, says former Supreme Court judge

Lord Sumption says monarch lacks 'legitimate source of advice'
Independent - Published

Judicial review: 'Snarling' not the way to get reform, says former top judge

Judges are likely to accept "reasonable" curbs to their powers, says former top judge Lord Sumption.
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson warned by former Supreme Court judge hostility towards judiciary, civil service and BBC is 'certain route to failure'

Lord Sumption also claims the case for proportional representation is 'overwhelming'
Independent - Published

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