What are the best first cars for enthusiasts?

What are the best first cars for enthusiasts?



The Fiat Panda 100HP is one of our picks

If you’re a petrolhead looking to stand out without paying through the nose for insurance, check out this list

Buying your first car can be tricky, especially if you’re a petrolhead and want to show the world that you’re more interested in motors than the average spotty-faced Vauxhall Corsa owner.

You’re probably looking for something stylish that’s new enough to play your own music in and that offers a bit of involvement in the driving experience. You’re also likely to be working to a very tight budget, both to buy the car and then get it insured.

We’ve pored over the classifieds and run more insurance quotes than we care to remember to put together a definitive guide to the best first cars for new drivers.

Each car on this list has a unique selling point to mark it out from the other slabs of metal in your average car park. From stylish superminis to hot hatches, there’s a good option here for everyone.

Bear in mind that this list is in alphabetical order, not based on which is best. You'll be the judge of that. 

*Best first cars for enthusiasts*

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