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Historical rebranding of the British Labour Party

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New Labour: Historical rebranding of the British Labour Party
New Labour is a period in the history of the British Labour Party from the mid-1990s until 2010 under the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The name dates from a conference slogan first used by the party in 1994, later seen in a draft manifesto which was published in 1996 and titled New Labour, New Life for Britain. It was presented as the brand of a newly reformed party that had altered Clause IV and endorsed market economics. The branding was extensively used while the party was in government between 1997 and 2010. New Labour was influenced by the political thinking of Anthony Crosland and the leadership of Blair and Brown as well as Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell's media campaigning. The political philosophy of New Labour was influenced by the party's development of Anthony Giddens' Third Way which attempted to provide a synthesis between capitalism and socialism. Mark Bevir argues that another motivation for the creation of New Labour was as a response to the emergence of the New Right which had emerged in the preceding decades. The party emphasised the importance of social justice, rather than equality, emphasising the need for equality of opportunity and believed in the use of markets to deliver economic efficiency and social justice.


Tony Blair on how Labour can learn from his time in power and win again

The former prime minister spoke to students at King's College London about coming to terms with a 'mistake' in Iraq and how to put New Labour's winning coalition back together again
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New Labour MP defends 'heads kicked in' tweet

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols made the comment after seeing footage of Lazio fans giving fascist salutes.
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Will Alastair Campbell's new tactical voting plan work?

The Tactical Voting Blog: Former New Labour spinner has an interesting plan
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