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Full transcript from former Grimsby Town manager's furious tirade at Radio Humberside

full transcript from former grimsby town manager's furious tirade at radio humberside
'You’re antagonistic, confrontational – fxxxing Jeremy Paxman. You fxxxing are an absolute fxxxing disgrace'
Grimsby Telegraph - Published

Jeremy Paxman labels DEFRA an 'utterly useless' government department full of 'jobsworths'

Telegraph.co.uk - Published

Yes, Wolf Alice Really Were An Answer On University Challenge

Watch it now... University Challenge is developing a habit of dipping into youth culture. A few months ago grime creeped on to the long-running academic quiz show, with Wolf Alice making an..
Clash - Published

Jeremy Paxman slams politicians for talking b******s on Newsnight for 25 years

jeremy paxman slams politicians for talking b******s on newsnight for 25 years
The veteran presenter says he doesn't miss trying to pin down slippery politicians while at the helm of the BBC2 show.
Daily Record - Published

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