Opus x Glorious partners on Ecclestone Grand Prix Polaroid Collection released as NFTs

Opus x Glorious partners on Ecclestone Grand Prix Polaroid Collection released as NFTs




Grand Prix fever has swept the globe, spurred on by the likes of Drive to Survive and the rocketing superstar-status of Formula 1 drivers who are connecting with a global fandom like never before.

Now fans can own a slice of this addictive sport thanks to luxury publisher Opus, ‘F1 Supremo’ Bernie Ecclestone and rising Web 3.0 super-studio Glorious Digital – the trio that are launching an NFT collection called The Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection, with prizes that true motoring fans would kill for.

This collaboration comes with pedigree. Opus has worked with the likes of Prince, Usain Bolt, Manchester United, Ferrari, Pele, Her Majesty the Queen, the World Boxing Council, Formula 1 and more. Bernie Ecclestone is the godfather of racing, known for building F1 into a heavyweight of sporting broadcasts globally. And Glorious Digital is making waves – within a year of conception the studio is working with some of the world’s most established brands including Wimbledon and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Together, they are releasing limited edition NFT artworks using the stunning Polaroid portraits of 26 of Ecclestone’s private collection of historic Grand Prix cars.

True fans of the sport will know how incredible this collection of cars is. Cars that have raised Grand Prix chequered flags, mastered by drivers and icons such as Jack Brabham, Enzo Ferrari, Bruce McLaren, Ettore Bugatti, James Hunt, Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher.

Each NFT is created from giant Polaroid images produced by one of the world’s only working giant 20”x24” cameras (only five remain in the world). These cameras were originally built to photograph oil paintings and tapestries, capturing their incredible detail and finesse. The same exquisite finish is displayed beautifully in the 26 unique giant portrait photographs of these iconic Grand Prix cars.

The digital artworks will be released as two collections:The Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection will be 26 digital artworks, one edition of each car, 26 unique one-of-one editions in total. Those lucky enough to secure one of these will also access priceless utility including:An invitation to visit Bernie Ecclestone’s own racetrack.Private tour of the 26 cars (want to look under the hood and sit in the cars?)Lunch for the NFT owner and 12 of their friends, hosted by Bernie.Receive the original Polaroid used to create their NFT, professionally stored, plus another authenticated copy to display at home.Authenticated copy of the original Polaroid, for the owner to take home.A copy of the Opus book valued from £ 7,500  2. The Grand Prix Trilogy Collection will be somewhat more accessible, with 2600 one-of-one edition NFTs, again using the images of the 26 cars, but in a mixed set of three.

In a statement, Opus Chief Executive Karl Fowler said they’re excited to share a sense of ownership of these cars and photography artworks with fans who have followed Grand Prix history.

“We are extremely proud to be partnering with Glorious for what is a momentous event for Opus with our natural progression into the digital Web3 space and our inaugural NFT release with the Ecclestone Grand Prix & Grand Prix Trilogy Collections.

“The Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection has a truly special story, the romance of the large format camera, the first time this unique F1 Grand Prix car collection being captured in this way with so many incredible and historically important cars, we felt strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to appreciate and indeed own a part of the collection for themselves.

“What better way to reach a global fan base and community whilst retaining the beauty of the Grand Prix cars than through the digital medium of an NFT release.

“To be able to partner with the best in this field was the deciding factor for us and with Glorious leading the way in the NFT art arena we are super excited about this partnership release of this historically important NFT collection.”

Glorious Digital Chief Executive, Tim Harper, says it’s an honour to be working on a project that further immortalises motorsport history.

“Like the millions of fans around the world, we’ve become drawn to Formula 1 not only because we are fascinated by the current superstars and teams that we watch now, but also the intriguing individuals, teams and cars that came before them, which are woven into the fabric of the sport’s origins has become a joy. And now, thanks to Opus and Bernie, we are proud to be releasing artworks that have been inspired by that history,” says Harper.

Both the 2600 digital artwork NFTs that make up the Grand Prix Trilogy Collection and the Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection will be available to view at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from 17 November. With the release date of the artworks, yet to be announced.

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