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Military branch for naval warfare

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Navy: Military branch for naval warfare
A navy, naval force, or maritime force is the branch of a nation's armed forces principally designated for naval and amphibious warfare; namely, lake-borne, riverine, littoral, or ocean-borne combat operations and related functions. It includes anything conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields. The strategic offensive role of a navy is projection of force into areas beyond a country's shores. The strategic defensive purpose of a navy is to frustrate seaborne projection-of-force by enemies. The strategic task of the navy also may incorporate nuclear deterrence by use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Naval operations can be broadly divided between riverine and littoral applications, open-ocean applications, and something in between, although these distinctions are more about strategic scope than tactical or operational division.


Watch: Navy’s 1st batch of women pilots ready for missions on Dornier aircraft [Video]

Watch: Navy’s 1st batch of women pilots ready for missions on Dornier aircraft

The Indian Navy has got ready its first batch of three women pilots for Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) missions on Dornier aircraft. Lieutenant Divya Sharma, Lt Shubhangi Swaroop and Lt Shivangi are now..

Credit: HT Digital Content     Duration: 01:05Published
Shiv Sena reacts after assaulted ex-Navy officer's 'quit' dare for Uddhav [Video]

Shiv Sena reacts after assaulted ex-Navy officer's 'quit' dare for Uddhav

Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut commented on the attack on ex-navy officer, Madan Sharma. He said that it's wrong to link Maharashtra govt with the attack. Raut said, “No one loses anything by asking..

Credit: HT Digital Content     Duration: 03:40Published
Kind of 'State-sponsored terror' situation in Maharashtra: Fadnavis on assault on ex- Navy officer [Video]

Kind of 'State-sponsored terror' situation in Maharashtra: Fadnavis on assault on ex- Navy officer

Speaking on the retired Navy officer who was alleged beaten up by Shiv Sena workers in Mumbai on September 09, former chief minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis on September 12 strongly..

Credit: ANI     Duration: 01:28Published
They must be arrested for attempt to murder: Ex-Navy officer's daughter on bail granted to accused [Video]

They must be arrested for attempt to murder: Ex-Navy officer's daughter on bail granted to accused

After the accused in connection with the thrashing of a retired Navy officer in Mumbai were granted bail, the daughter of the officer said the people should be arrested for attempt to murder since a..

Credit: ANI     Duration: 01:42Published
Shiv Sena's Kamlesh Kadam among 6 arrested for attack on ex-Navy officer, later granted bail [Video]

Shiv Sena's Kamlesh Kadam among 6 arrested for attack on ex-Navy officer, later granted bail

Shiv Sena's Kamlesh Kadam and five others were arrested and later granted bail in connection with the attack on a retired Navy officer in Mumbai. The bail was granted by Samta Nagar Police Station...

Credit: ANI     Duration: 01:15Published
'Don't know attackers belonged to which party,' says ex-Navy officer who was beaten up in Mumbai [Video]

'Don't know attackers belonged to which party,' says ex-Navy officer who was beaten up in Mumbai

Madan Sharma, retired Navy officer who was attacked today in Mumbai said that he doesn't know the attackers belonged to which party. "8-10 persons attacked and beat me up today, after I received..

Credit: ANI     Duration: 03:01Published
Watch: Former Navy officer thrashed in Mumbai [Video]

Watch: Former Navy officer thrashed in Mumbai

Mumbai Police registered an FIR against a group of people for beating up a former Navy officer. The incident took place on September 9 in Mumbai. The whole incident was captured on CCTV.

Credit: ANI     Duration: 01:02Published

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Active shooter 'neutralized' at Texas naval air station, one sailor hurt

An active shooter at the Navy's Corpus Christi air station in Texas has been "neutralized," with one security force member injured in events that unfolded in the early morning hours, the Navy said on..
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Texas naval air station reports active shooter, locks down: Navy

The U.S. Navy said on Thursday it is aware of reports of a possible active shooter at a naval air station in Corpus Christi, Texas.
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Navy suffering from 'failure in leadership', says nominee to lead it

The handling of a coronavirus outbreak aboard the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier was just another example of a "failure in leadership" in the Navy in recent years, President Donald Trump's nominee..
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Two U.S. warships in South China Sea amid China-Malaysia standoff

Two U.S. warships are operating in the South China Sea, the Navy said on Tuesday, with three regional security sources saying they were near an area of a standoff between China and Malaysia.
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U.S. sailor from coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier in ICU

A sailor from the coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt was in an intensive care unit (ICU) in Guam, the Navy said on Tuesday, a day after another sailor from the carrier died after..
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Another 103 sailors from U.S. carrier test positive for coronavirus

Another 103 crew members on the U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for the coronavirus, the Navy said on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases from the ship to 550.
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Trump says may jump into Navy furor after captain ridiculed in speech

U.S. President Donald Trump said he may get involved in a deepening crisis in the Navy after its top civilian on Monday ridiculed a revered former commander whose letter pleading for help for his..
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U.S. defense chief backs Navy ouster amid report captain has coronavirus

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper defended the Navy's controversial decision to remove the commander of a coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier, who was reported on Sunday to have tested positive for..
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Number of infected crew on U.S. aircraft carrier rises to 155: Navy

The number of crew on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier who have tested positive for the coronavirus has risen 13% in the past 24 hours to 155, the Navy said on Saturday, in the wake of the..
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Senators urge formal probe of Navy carrier commander's firing over coronavirus plea

A group of prominent Democratic senators formally requested on Friday that the Pentagon's independent Inspector General investigate the Navy's firing of the commander of the aircraft carrier Theodore..
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Onshore quarantine of U.S. aircraft carrier sailors begins on Guam

About 1,000 sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt - roughly a fifth of its crew - were under quarantine at a U.S. naval base on Guam on Thursday as the Navy sought to control a..
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Trump says US will increase counter-narcotics efforts in East Pacific, Caribbean

U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the United States will deploy Navy ships in the Caribbean and East Pacific to prevent drug cartels for taking advantage of the coronavirus..
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'Sailors do not need to die,' warns captain of coronavirus-hit U.S. aircraft carrier

The captain of the U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, in a blunt letter confirmed to Reuters on Tuesday, has called on Navy leadership for stronger measures to save the lives of his sailors and..
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Navy hospital ship sails into New York, frontline of U.S. coronavirus battle

In a hopeful image that captured the spirit of a national mobilization against the coronavirus, a Navy hospital ship docked in New York on Monday as the city pleaded for more help to stanch the deadly..
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From field hospitals to respirator masks, Pentagon wades into coronavirus support role

The Pentagon on Tuesday laid out how the U.S. military would support the medical response to the coronavirus, from using its stockpile of respirator masks to potentially building field hospitals and..
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U.S. deploys 'more survivable' submarine-launched low-yield nuclear weapon

The U.S. Defense Department said on Tuesday the Navy had fielded a low-yield, submarine-launched ballistic missile warhead, something the Pentagon believes is needed to deter adversaries like Russia..
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Pensacola shooting: Saudi students questioned after Navy-base attack

Authorities have not specified a connection with the dead gunman, who was also a Saudi national.
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Simon Parkes: Police to search cemetery for Navy sailor missing since 1986 in serial killer probe

Eighteen-year-old Simon Parkes vanished in Gibraltar 33 years ago
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Trump and Navy clash again over SEAL commando who posed with corpse

U.S. President Donald Trump and senior Navy officials clashed over a high-profile war-crimes case as Trump vowed on Twitter on Thursday he would not allow a Navy SEAL convicted of battlefield..
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HMS Prince of Wales: Navy ship arrives in Portsmouth

The £3bn warship received a warm welcome and will be based in the city along with its sister ship.
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U.S. military intensifies scrutiny on housing, issues ultimatum on health hazards

Three branches of the U.S. military have increased scrutiny of housing landlord Balfour Beatty Communities, with the Air Force demanding the company address health hazards and the Army and Navy..
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'I stole a plane to get out of the Navy'

When Theo Van Eijck was kicked out of a Dutch pilot-training programme in 1964, he stole a plane and flew to Libya.
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U.S. military ship passes through strategic Taiwan Strait

The United States sent a Navy ship through the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Friday as the U.S. military increases the frequency of movement through the strategic waterway despite opposition from China.
Reuters - Published

Trump slams prosecutors in court-martial of Navy SEAL

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he has directed top U.S. Navy officials to rescind a military award he says was given to Navy prosecutors who tried a Navy SEAL platoon leader acquitted of..
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U.S. Navy fighter jet crashes in California's desert near base

A U.S. military fighter jet crashed on Wednesday in the California desert near a Navy air station, military officials said, leaving the fate of the pilot unknown.
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Washington, Tehran at odds over whether U.S. downed Iranian drone

The United States and Iran were at odds on Friday about a U.S. assertion that its Navy had brought down an Iranian drone in the Gulf, with Tehran showing video footage that it said disproved the..
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Jeremy Hunt pledges to reverse cuts to Navy amid Iran row

The Tory leadership candidate says tensions in the Gulf show the navy needs more warships.
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Venezuela crisis: Navy captain's death in custody condemned by opposition

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó claims captain Rafael Acosta was "savagely and brutally tortured".
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