The Mercedes EQS SUV Preview
The Mercedes EQS SUV Preview

With the luxury saloon EQS and the sporty executive saloon EQE, Mercedes-Benz has entered a new, all-electric era in the upper market segments as well.

The EQS SUV, the third model series with this architecture developed for electric vehicles, will soon follow.

The SUV offers plenty of space, comfort and connectivity for up to seven passengers in its avant-garde, luxurious interior.

Thanks to powerful electric motors, responsive 4MATIC all-wheel drive and an intelligent OFFROAD driving mode, the EQS SUV is also capable of tackling light terrain with ease.

The new EQS SUV shares the long wheelbase (3210 millimetres) with the EQS Saloon, but is over 20 centimetres higher.

The dimensions in detail: 5125/1959/1718 millimetres (length/width/height).

The interior dimensions benefit from these generous SUV dimensions and from the advantages of the purpose design tailored to the electric platform.

The second row of seats can be electrically adjusted as standard.

Up to four golf bags fit in the boot.

A third row of seats with two additional individual seats and extensive comfort features for all passengers is available as an option.