3 Easy Steps to Becoming More Self Aware
3 Easy Steps to Becoming More Self Aware

3 Easy Steps , to Becoming More Self Aware.

According to Personal Development Master blog, self-awareness is a person's ability to pay attention to the way they think, behave and feel.

In being self aware, one has to examine patterns in the way they perceive themselves, the world, other people and even their own moods and emotions.


Being self aware can help people determine whether they are making good choices that serve their interests, or if they are headed in a bad direction.

Here are three tips for better self-awareness from Personal Development Master's blog.



Think about what bothers you about other people.

Think about how you might show those characteristics yourself.


The opposite helps, too.

What do you like about other people?

How could you be more like that?.


Be aware of automatic responses.

In times of stress, many people act according to ingrained responses developed over time.


Being aware of these responses can make you aware of what triggers those behaviors and help you take control of your actions.



Ask people in your life for feedback.

Insights from people can help you see your actions and feelings from a new perspective.


Try not to look at negative comments as a personal attack.

Instead, think of it as a chance to develop and grow.


Taking steps to know yourself better can change the way you perceive the world and how the world perceives you.