5 accessible devices for kids with disabilities
5 accessible devices for kids with disabilities

Here are 5 cool gadgets designed to meet the needs of kids with disabilities.1.

Xbox Adaptive Controller .gamers with limited mobility can connect external devices such as switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks to create a custom controller experience.2.

MusicGlove Hand Therapy for PC and Mac.The device is FDA recommended for neurological recovery to improve mobility for hands and fingers.3.

Dot Watch: The World’s First Braille Smartwatch.Once the Dot is connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth, each smartphone functionality, such as texts and alerts, is translated into braille.4.

QuadStick FPS game controller.Designed specifically for quadriplegic individuals, the Quadstick offers a hands-free approach to gaming on consoles and PCs.5.

Linelax Silicone Adaptive Hand Mobility Aid .This multifunctional tool assists with hand mobility and is perfect for people living with limited hand functionality, cerebral palsy, and other muscle or neurological conditions