From Cheerleader & Footballer To Pregnant at 15 | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
From Cheerleader & Footballer To Pregnant at 15 | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

A HIGH school cheerleader and football player have revealed the highs and lows of getting pregnant at 15.

Olivia Gehling and Cole Burge, both 17, from Iowa, started dating after being introduced by a friend when they were in sophomore year.

Nine months later, the couple discovered Liv was pregnant, much to the shock of their parents and friends.

Cole told Truly: “We aren’t trying to normalise teen pregnancy, we just want to show people that it is possible and it doesn’t have to be a negative thing.” Now parents to one-year-old Lovelyn, who was born in February, 2020, the parents are devoted to being the very best parents they can be.

Liv admitted that although she was terrified for what the future would bring, she shouldn’t have been as Lovelyn is “perfect”.

Although their close friends have supported them through, some strangers online have put judgement on them for being too young.

But, perhaps the scariest part of announcing their pregnancy was not to the world, but rather to their own parents.

Liv said: “I was terrified to tell my mum, people were definitely shocked.” Gale, Liv’s mum, admitted she was “completely blindsided” and wondered how she was ever going to break the news to Ryan, Liv’s dad.

However, Liv and Cole have proved they are responsible enough to raise their daughter.

Gale said: “We knew they’d be good parents but we didn’t know they’d be this amazing.” Ryan added: “They do a fantastic job.”