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Friday, 25 June 2021

Cloudy with showers

Credit: FOX 47 News Michigan
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Cloudy with showers
Cloudy with showers

Today will be another raw spring day with chilly temps not getting much higher than 50 degrees as a lot of clouds and scattered rain showers impact us mainly through the morning and early afternoon.

Alright, mid michigan, letyour weather headlines asup this work week, as we cand even heading into theweek now, today and tomorrchances today.

I think mora little bit scattered, bumore of a scattered fashiotoday.

Tomorrow though youa couple rumbles of thundethink today will be mainlyoverall it's going to be ltalking for both days comba half an inch of rainfalllot there frost and freezethey start tonight and we'into early next week as oucheck this out your full sfirst couple of days.

34 tNow tonight still a concerand freeze.

But I think aeven Friday overnight intothat's when we'll really hout, winds will die back dsee some hard freeze workian eye on this.

And if youput your flowers out yet ythem in and protect them o5 to 6 days here.

Now throstay in the fifties for Mothat mix of sun and cloudsbit more cloud cover on suDay.

But then overnight lothirties, even into next wfreeze potential will be aevery day, we're just gointhe cloud cover and windshours for where these tempit makes the sun and cloudand Wednesday will slowlyto make it through next Tu


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