'Vampire' Shocks Mum With Tik Tok Transformation | TRANSFORMED
'Vampire' Shocks Mum With Tik Tok Transformation | TRANSFORMED

WILLOW Von Witcher was in fourth grade when she asked her mom if she could go to school in a vampire cape.

And from that moment, there was no turning back.

The now 24-year-old describes her vampire look as ‘creepy cute’; it typically features heavy pale makeup on the skin and dark lips and eyes.

Willow almost exclusively wears black and avoids pastel shades or anything that she says: “looks like puke”.

Having looked like a vampire for so long Willow transformed into a VSCO girl for the day, complete with scrunchies, oversized tees and a sun kissed beach babe makeup look.

But after dressing as a vampire for so long what would Willow’s mum make of her pared back transformation?

It wasn’t only her mom who was shocked by the transformation.

Speaking about her new look Willow said: “It’s not a look that would make me happy to walk around in and I think it’s very important to look a way that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.” https://www.instagram.com/nightmarekittykat/?hl=en