My Mum And I Got Matching Boob Jobs | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
My Mum And I Got Matching Boob Jobs | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

MARIAH, 23, and Sandra, 47, from Montclair, California, are more like best friends than mother and daughter.

No conversation is off limits, they party together, go on double dates, and even got matching boob jobs when Mariah turned 18.

Some people don’t understand the close bond between the pair and Sandra explains that: “We've had friends that don't come around.

But I mean, I just don't see their point of view and don't care.” Even family members have said they find it odd, but they don’t let any criticism stop them from having fun.

Mariah even had someone she was dating who was jealous of her mom: “I had a situation where I was dating someone, very seriously.

And they kind of were jealous of my mom." They’re motto in life is we’re here for a good time, not a long time and once people get to know them they soon change their minds.

Mariah is training to be a nurse practitioner and Sandra works in real estate.

Both women have an Onlyfans account on the side, because “why not?" Making up this family of strong, confident women is youngest daughter and sister Chanel, 18, an aspiring rapper.

Despite enjoying a close relationship with Mariah and Sandra, she has a very different view on things.

Mariah is often the instigator and Sandra is her willing passenger in life, and today they have a bikini shoot planned on the iconic Venice Beach.

First though, they need to get their spray tans and find something suitable to wear.

Mariah: Sandra: