Life's Station Movie  (2021)
Life's Station Movie (2021)

Life's Station Movie (2021) trailer Hd - Sawako (Sayuri Yoshinaga) worked as an emergency physician at a university hospital but had to return to be with her father Tatsuro (Min Tanaka) at home in Ishikawa Prefecture.

She starts working at the local Mahoroba Clinic alongside clinic director Toru (Toshiyuki Nishida), Nurse Mayo (Suzu Hirose) and staff Seiji (Tori Matsuzaka).

Unlike the university hospital Sawako used to work at, the Mahoroba Clinic provides homecare to patients.

After initial difficulties adapting to the new system, Sawako soon gets acclimatized and discovers her own way to handle the patients, their families, and their everyone's intertwined lives.