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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Political round table with Brian Crowley and Mary Anna Mancuso.

Credit: WPTV News | West Palm Beach
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Political round table with Brian Crowley and Mary Anna Mancuso.
Political round table with Brian Crowley and Mary Anna Mancuso.
Our political round table with Brian Crowley and Mary Anna Mancuso.

Now for a roundtable withpolitical analyst MirandaCrowley.

So let's start wiwe just spoke about with tsource, Palm Beach County.that the bill that raiseswill pass the House and Gohas not come out in supporanna will start with you.on this?

Well, I think thawe know that a lot of peopeconomically financially wrecent pandemic.

And I reathat the government wouldof it.

Although I can't sagiven the legislature's masession has not been actuabut passing hot button bilgive you an opportunity toWell, you know when the gothe idea of some legislatounemployment benefit at thto $375.

You know, these alazy people who you know wa week.

A lot of these peobefore the pandemic.

It, tlost their jobs because ofthey're struggling many ofbehind in their bills andtheir rent and they're behpayments and you know theywant to, they really do.

Aof sad that we're kind ofSo in your opinions do youno future to this?

Well yois always full of last minyou never know.

But I thinvery hard for two Santas this comments that he was qit to actually be able tohonestly he needs to serveright now the Floridians tlooking for help.

They neeAnd unfortunately, the legRepublican led and the govtheir backs on them.

As yoalso been really a lot ofsaying they have not beenof unemployment benefits,the federal government durDo you both think that thathey're not able to hire?in the last, you know, 5 tmuch more complicated thanI think some folks who weras waiters or waitresses oindustry are now more thanthe gig economy.

Maybe themaybe they have another jofrom home.

I think that'swith economists are sayingof the problem with thesepeople work.

You know, I wBeach County has a much laask about employment.

Notwe had tens and tens of thmany years before that R.were becoming the early stValley right here in Palmall left and in most caseswhere taxes were higher anthe benefits you have in fflorida and Palm Beach Couanswer to that question.

Lto be the hub for the biotdidn't happen.

Why do thesgoing to other states?

WhyBeach County?

I would thinbrian's point on this.

He'I think florida is open foa great place to do busineplace to live.

And I can'thuge companies would wantand pay more taxes.

That tflorida's got a pr problemcourting these massive comheadquarters here to floriactually, I was speaking win Boca a couple weeks agoabout how they're workingokay.

And to set up shop dyou think the unemploymentspeaking of employment inwhen you talk about Palm Bversus other parts of theyou know, the same industrto find workers, We use hoknow, even before the pandwhich eliminated somebodyUm you go into many grocerPublics and you can find syou know, a lot of the jobthere for, particularly fodisappeared.

So it's, it'sI think, than than the peothe need for jobs are lettnot only is it complicatedbut it's also difficult bejobs that younger people wnow seeing some of the booSo there becomes like thisof dynamic of competitionAnd then ultimately, whattrying to fill the spot anfigure out what to do whengetting the right applicanfor those positions, rightthis week, obviously has bwe've been following thisMinneapolis police officerof murder and the death ofright after the verdict wawith the president of theUrban League, who said thawas a small victory for evrecent injustices.

Now isthat anti riot bill into lany protests here or reallbut let's talk about how wwould lead on this issue iGovernor de Santis had verthe verdict, and then at obecause of the reaction, tthat.

You know, there therLook, when I was a young kPalm Beach County, we wereyou know, there was the umbathrooms for african amerfountains, separate schoolthat was the sixties, thissome really serious convermove forward because unforconvinced that Despite theFloyd case, that which I twonderful verdict, I'm notto change a lot Mary Anna.seconds or so.

So I wouldresponse as well.

Absoluteverdict here first and forWe saw what happens when tThe person is held accountwhere they come from or orreligion, whatever justicewas executed as such.

I thunderstand this convictionas a catalyst for change amoment for our country tojustice and this can be aonly if we lean in continufocus and remain clear tha


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