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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Shaheen - 4/22/21

Credit: FOX 47 News Michigan
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Shaheen - 4/22/21
Shaheen - 4/22/21

Mhm Back with us today onShaheen.

Chevrolet and cadralph, shaking the owner,manager always.

Great to sbuying center, Jason.


Good morning Deb.

Iwe've been pretty fortunatlot of cars off the streetgot a lease, we suggest yocan give you a number on iThen.

Even if you never bodoesn't matter what kind oford Gm uh, the car marketnow, so we've been buyingcustomers and making themit's a thing to do right nRalph talk about your servof the art.

You guys are rgame.

Well, about a year aago we built a brand new eThe entire center.

Um, youhardest things to do is tocar serviced.

You don't liwell at our entire centerand state of the art, tireWe have technicians threeSo there's no waiting.

Wea day.

Uh, yeah, it reallythey do a great job.

Not ochanged, but your, your alUh, your wipers are checketapped off, your car is vaget a token for a car wash30 day saves raining.


You can wait and30 days and get your car wlot of great things and ifand everything's okay, briWe repair tires, puncturedthey're irreparable.

So thon at the tire centre andto come in and take advantDo I need an appointment bcan I just pull it up Eithan appointment if you likepull up, talk about cadillnew facility.

It's the newand some exciting stuff hacampus is growing and I'llthat is coming out and it'it's a beautiful, excitingfor cadillac and uh, but pout.

It is a beautiful facto have it on campus.

Now.for over 50 years.

Shaheena pleasure speaking with y


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