Fight to vote: why US democracy is at a tipping point
Fight to vote: why US democracy is at a tipping point

The new Georgia voting rights law makes it harder to vote, especially for communities that tend to vote for Democrats – and that's what Republicans want.

But it's not just Georgia: these restrictive voting laws are being considered in nearly every state in America, from Arizona to Texas to Florida.

These efforts come on the heels of the 2020 presidential election, which Republicans lost by slim margins in several states.

Many Republicans claimed they lost because of voter fraud – because people who were ineligible to vote found a way to skirt the rules and cast ballots.

Election officials around the nation said there was no widespread fraud, but Republicans are using this argument to push for a wide array of laws that will skew election in their favor.

If enacted, Americans will have to ask a hard question: is the US still a democracy?

Alvin Chang and Sam Levine explain this Republican effort to suppress voting rights as part of the Guardian's Fight to Vote series