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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Free vaccination clinic held at Rolling Hills Casino

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Free vaccination clinic held at Rolling Hills Casino
Free vaccination clinic held at Rolling Hills Casino

Rolling Hills Casino in Corning hosted a free vaccination clinic Saturday for those who signed up.

"close to 1,000 of these forms have been filled out at today's mass vaccination clinic, much more than the 600 the casino originally expected."

From 8am this morning to 2pm this afternoon& anyone over the age of 18 living in tehama&butte and glenn counties were all able to get a single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine.

Carole veloso: "it's looking great!"

Executive director of the rolling hills clinic carole veloso said she was more than happy to put together such a large clinic& especially with the help from the paskenta band of nomlaki indians.

Carole veloso/rolling hills clinic executive director: "they feel they are a part of the community and are integral in all its growth.

They know the community needs to have vaccinated people to get the economy moving, to get everything open, and we had the opportunity so we did it."

And others who got their vaccine today were just as thrilled.

Ruby green/got vaccinated: "i am excited!

I'm happy i can do this to protect my family and just feel more comfortable going around and seeing people and getting things back to normal again."

All you had to do when you arrived was fill out the pre-vaccination checklist&show your id&sit in the large outdoor tent&and wait for your vaccine.

While i was there&i decided to get a vaccine myself.

And within 15 minutes&i was out the door!

For carole&she knows that events like this help the community around her.

Carole veloso: "the health and safety of our community can improve.

That will help schools, places of worship, the casino, everybody!"

Carmela karcher: "and just like that, i'm fully vaccinated!

The clinic told me that if you weren't able to make an appointment today, don't worry.

They still have more appointments available, and you can get the vaccine at any rolling hills clinic.

In corning carmela karcher action news now coverage you can count on."

To schedule an appointment to get a vaccine& just call the rolling hills clinic.

That number has been posted on our website at action news now


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