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Sunday, 18 April 2021

CSU's 2021 hurricane forecast predicts above-average year

Credit: 7News - The Denver Channel
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CSU's 2021 hurricane forecast predicts above-average year
CSU's 2021 hurricane forecast predicts above-average year

Based on satellite data and ocean temperatures, researchers are predicting an above-average year with 17 named storms, eight hurricanes and four major hurricanes.

So the annual forecast ofhas come off from ColoradoAnd it begs the question.Doctor Bill Gray, the lateState University's atmosphreally start doing these smid eighties, and he said,about the storm surge, butgood up at CSU, and some ometeorology scientists inforecasting there.

So let'and show you the Atlantic.that they focus on, obviouingredients for tropical shurricanes is the sea surfthis time of year.

They'redown across the Gulf of Methe Gulf Stream is off theStates.

But that very warmthe key things.

They lookmuch activity will have, awe're gonna have a lot ofas we get into hurricane stropical cyclone energy coheat and the moisture thatto east but actually go frwhy we watch the coast ofdevelopment when we get inSo that is also adding inmore active season.

But ifdust that blows off the Sacan cause a cooling and meSo these are some of the pthe Atlantic equation on tBut the world's a big plachave to look not only at tthe Pacific plays a role.about the El Nino and La NNino conditions are goingin the Pacific.

That addsand energy into the atmospPacific, but it also changstream flows.

And very oftan El Nino year, warmer wainto the Atlantic, and thaactivity because of El Ninwe have actually been comiLa Nina condition, and thawind shear and tends to inactivity.

So all these thiIf you go and we have someState University's Atmosphwebsite and read a whole lthey look at now, a coupleget a warmer world with glare seeing the Atlantic hutemperatures increasing, owater, more energy.

And wimore storms coming as majosaw that last year, and un


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