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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

An IA bill would allow alcohol delivery via an app

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An IA bill would allow alcohol delivery via an app
An IA bill would allow alcohol delivery via an app

An Iowa bill under consideration would allow people to have alcohol delivered to them at home through apps like Door Dash.

Summer ?

"* iowa governor kim reynolds made it legal to sell to?

"*go cocktails.

Now ?*- you may soon be able to order alcohol straight from your phone.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is looking at a new bill under discussion.

He joins us live in clear lake?

"* alex?xxx katie ?

"* apps like door dash and uber eats have gained popularity all the more ?

"* during the pandemic.

Order your food ?

"* and have it delivered.

But what about take out alcohol via an app?

A bill that passed the iowa house will allow third party providers like those i mentioned to deliver alcohol from a restaurant ?

"* grocery store or liquor store.

However ?

"* there must be an agreement that consists of the name and address of each participating business ?

"* and the delivery service involved.

All of which has to be submitted to the iowa alcoholic beverages division.

Lake liquors owner justin buffington feels the expansion could help streamline his already existing delivery "if there's a third party service that does it right and does it successfully, we can eliminate our infrastructur e that we use for delivery, and still get our products to customers."

Currently ?

"* the law states that bottles of alcohol may only be delivered by people employed by the retailer.

That person must also be driving a vehicle owned by the store or restaurant when making the delivery.

Live in clear lake ?*- alex thanks alex.

The bill now goes to the