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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

UK Variant Now Dominant COVID-19 Strain in U.S.

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UK Variant Now Dominant COVID-19 Strain in U.S.
UK Variant Now Dominant COVID-19 Strain in U.S.
UK Variant Now Dominant COVID-19 Strain in U.S.

Next at 10 --- covid-9 variants that have been on the radar for health leaders for months..*now dominating.

Tonight--- the risk becomes even more real with cases confirmed --- right here in our backyard.

44 news reporter valerie lyons joins us live now --- with what we've just learned about the variants making the rounds.

Multiple covid-19 variants have been found in the tri-state -- with hopkins county -- the latest to report a case -- and senator mitch mcconnell visited the community today -- stressing -- the best way to stop the spread of these variants -- is reaching herd immunity as quickly as possible -- "the uk variant is a cause for concern."

Hopkins county health officials sounding the alarm -- confirming the first case of the highly contagious covid-19 strain in the community -- "the longer the variants are in the community the more likely that they could keep replicating and the vaccine be not as effective."

This comes as the c-d-c reports -- the uk variant of the coronavirus is now the most dominant strain in the united states -- "based on our most recent estimates from cdc's surveillance, the b.1.1.7 variant is now the most common lineage circulating in the united states."

C-d-c director rochelle walensky saying -- the percentage of uk variant cases -- more than doubled from late february to mid- march -- jumping from 11 to 27 percent -- and the bluegrass -- seeing numbers rise by the day -- "83 identified cases in kentucky.

It is fueling in some places.

A pretty significant increase in cases."

25 counties -- reporting at least one case of the uk variant -- and as numbers increase -- the need to reach herd immunity -- becoming even more pressing -- senator mitch mcconnell stopping at baptist health madisonville wednesday-- echoing community health officials' push for more vaccinations --?it looks to me like wee on pace to beat the goal before the summer, and the goal is 75%, heard immunity by the summer hopefully, and then back to normal?

And current data shows -- vaccines work against these variants -- so as they continue to spread -- tri- state leaders say -- it's vital to sign up and get your shot -- beshear: "we've gotta defeat covid-19.

It's more dangerous with the variant.

You need to protect yourself."

Experts say though current vaccines are effective against known strains -- because the uk variant is more contagious and possibly -- more deadly -- than the original covid-19 strain -- it could explain why cases continue to rise despite the rate of vaccinations --


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