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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater open for first concert

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater open for first concert
Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater open for first concert
7 concerts expected this year

New details -- in just over an hour - the sand mountain park and amphitheater's doors will open for it's first concert!

Country singer - lee brice - is kicking off the park and amphitheater's opening weekend.

Waay 31's grace campbell shares with us the impact these events will have on the region.


Often times people make going to a concert a whole event.

I mean, they might get food and drinks before they go to the concert, during it, and then they might stay in hotel afterwards.

All of it has a common theme...putting money back into our local economy.

They plan to have about 7 concerts this year and even more next.

The amphitheater can seat about 7 thousand people, but they're limiting it to half capacity because of the virus.

The park and amphitheatre's general manager says the park is kick starting a lot of growth in this area.

Patrick o'brien says more hotels and restaurants are being built.

Impacting the economic growth of the sand mountain region is one of o'brien's main goals.

"all of that is, again, backed by and stems from an appetite for growth.

You know, and that impact will spill over, again, outside of albertville into the entire region, and really into the entire south east for some of our events.

So, we're excited, we're just getting started and we're going to continue to grow he says people will see all the sand mountain area has to offer when they come from all over for concerts like the one tonight.

Reporting live in albertville, grace campbell, waay 31 news.

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