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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Continuing safe practices after vaccination

Credit: KIMT
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Continuing safe practices after vaccination
Continuing safe practices after vaccination
Continuing safe practices after vaccination

A development that wasn't unexpected ?


"* it is unlik still if you've already recieved your covid?

"*19 vaccination it is still possible to be infected.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto spoke to public health officials about the ongoing importance of masking up ?

"* after being vaccinated.


Katie and george ?

"* that's right we've all heard it before ?

"* it is imporant to continue practices including washing your hands often ?

"* keeping your distance ?

"* and wearing a mask in public spaces.

All of this, to reduce your risk of contracting the virus even after getting vaccinated.

Minnesota state health officials report 89 coronavirus cases among those who have been fully?

"* vaccinated with either the pfizer, moderna, or johnson and johnson vaccine.

Clinical trials suggest the pfizer and moderna vaccines are 95 percent effective ?

"* while the johnson and johnson vaccine is said to be 66 percent effective ?

"* jeremy otto with c?

"*g public health says they are all effective at preventing severe illness ?

"* hospitalization ?

"* and death.

"the disease that is resulting from these cases ?

"* is a lot more mild to moderate ?

"* it's really just further evidence just how well these vaccines are working."

Otto adds the rate of transmission around the nation is still high.

Director of cg public health brian hanft urges anyone who is presented the opportunity to get the shot ?

"* to take it.

"people really should not be shopping around for a specific type of vaccine ?

"* just get te vax that you can get ?

"* the oe that's most available ?

"* or available at the time that you can get it."

With families coming back from spring break travels ?

"* health officials ae expecting a surge in cases within the next 7 to 14 days.

"everybody still needs to mask up in public, avoid large gatherings ?

"* practice good those exposed will generally see infection between 2 and 14 days after exposure ?


"* if have not yet been vaccinated and come back from travel ?

"* wait 5?

"*7 days to get tested*- as you could still be asymptomatic.

Live in rochester ?

"* samantha soto ?*- kimt news 3.

Thank you samantha.

If you're recieving a two dosage vaccine ?

"* a reminder to get your second dose from the same provider where you