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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Local school districts looking to address learning loss with summer school

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Local school districts looking to address learning loss with summer school
Local school districts looking to address learning loss with summer school

Chico Unified School District is planning to expand their summer school sessions this year to help get students back on track.

Reaching 10-thousand.### the pandemic has caused learning loss in classrooms across our country.

School districts are working with their teachers to make sure kids are getting the education they need.

Action news reporter tori apodaca joins us live from shasta elementary.

Tori, will we be seeing more kids in the classroom this summer?

Alan yes, i have been reaching out to different districts and they are all telling me how important summer school will be this year.

I spoke to one teacher here at shasta elementary that is excited to be back on campus this summer.

Take sot shannon logue, shasta elementary teacher "my students are finally starting to make a lot of growth" shannon logue teaches first grade at shasta elementary.

She is dedicated to helping her kids keep on track in the classroom.

So when chico unified asked her if she wanted to teach this summer, she was all in.

Take sot "i think it's going to be great to have the students together and just continuing to keep making progress through everything we lost throughout the school year."

Chico unified plan is to have three summer sessions (to help kids who are falling behind?).

The first two will include academics, enrichment and recreation.

And the early back session will focus on grade level concepts and skills.

Tori standup but this does not stop here as they anticipate a year and a half to two years and a half of additional learning loss activities.

Take sot jay marchant, assistant superintendent of educational services for chico unified school district "we have enough money to do it this summer, next summer and to do more extended learning during the school year.

That money -- coming from federal pandemic relief..

And state learning loss mitigation funding.

Fourth grader joshua vaneck says he thinks summer school will be a good option for struggling students.

Take sot joshua vaneck, 4th grader at shasta elementary "they will be able to catch up more and get closer to the new grade."

Ms. logue looks forward to welcoming students like joshua back to the classroom this summer.

Take sot "i hope parents will sign their kids up and we can just keep growing and continuing to work and chico unified tells me that other districts in the area are looking at looking at different models for both elementary, jr high and high school aged sessions that will include tradtional credit recovery, learning loss and some in- person and online courses.


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