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Friday, 25 June 2021

New Indiana state tax deadline, other changes this tax season

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New Indiana state tax deadline, other changes this tax season
New Indiana state tax deadline, other changes this tax season

Now that the Indiana state tax deadline is May 17, there are multiple changes to note this year.

Finalized we're in the thick of tax seasonand a lot has changed this year because of the pandemic.fox55's kelsey mannix explains what you need to know and where to go if you might need help.

Now that the indiana state tax deadline is may 17 there's multiple changes to note this year.if you received unemployment last year up to 10-thousand 2-hundred dollars of that income will not be taxed.if you've already filed that could delay the return as the irs updates it system.the child tax credit also increased to up to 36-hundred dollars and those who qualify could receive part of it this summer.linda troyer, jackson hewitt: 'the irs will be reaching out to people to see do you want the advance or do you not.

You don't have to take it even if you qualify."

If you need help with your taxes the fort wayne volunteer center has a drop-off center at st.

Mary mother of god church on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays.executive director ani etter says one of the most important answers to have when you go is whether or not you've received stimulus checks.ani etter, exec.

Director volunteer center: "and that may entail going through their bank records, you know checking their checking account, or really thinking about if they received that money because if you know the answer to those questions that will help us, that will help us ensure that that return is done correctly."

People should have all necessary forms with them to speed up the process.ani etter: "make sure you have all of your w2s when you come.

It is a lot easier to file a return one time than it is to go back and do an amendment."

Etter says it usually takes about two weeks to get a return after filing through the volunteers.linda troyer with jackson hewitt says the irs is working on completing the returns within 9 to 21 days but it could change.

Linda troyer, jackson hewitt: "everybody just needs to be patient.

They can check the irs website to check on both their economic impact payments and their tax refund.'i'm kelsey mannix fox 55 news the last day to get tax filing help at st.

Mary's is april 15.

For more information about these free services you can visit our website w-f-f-t


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