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Monday, 21 June 2021


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Tonight on prime news at 7.... the man accused of the deadly spa shootings in atlanta explains why he targeted these places.

And, we'll look at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting college applications, and admissions.

What students should know when researching schools.

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Good evening, i'm andrew harrison.

Welcome to prime news at 7.

Emily has the night off.

The tennessee valley and other parts of the southeast are bracing for a severe weather threat tonight.

Schools in hamilton county and multiple other districts are already on a two-hour delay tomorrow.

Let's head over to chief meteorologist patrick core, with a look at what we can expect.

Weather shelters are ready to open in dade county as flooding could be our bigger story look at some of the rainfall totals this is over th last couple of days but you see some areas between three and 4 inches of rain already is seeing the orange and red are colors across north georgia northeast alabama as we do have a lot of love warnings and watches these are life would watch is an agreement some of these deeper greens your sins and flood warnings artie being posted now what you see in the yellow these are tornado warnings this is in the warmer more buoyant morons table type air and the blotches of red tornado warnings north of birmingham one s.

And one just to the east of tupelo everything zipping on to the north and eas but as it moves into the slightly cooler air the storm diminished but still tighten radar show a lot of moderate rain continued to press on a from southwest to northeast noticed how this ranges, looks yellow with some deeper colors but you look onto the south as were some of these really intense thunderstorms are popping up where temperatures are much warmer and there's a lot more humidity so a big operation warm front somewhere between let's say fort payne and down to rome and back into part of the huntsville area still to our south and that's keeping us from seeing severe weather around here but still some heavier downpours and boy i tel you the highways and byways are very wet and this moderate rain will continue for the next several hours and then were to see some of the stronger dorm temperatures once again a key point as a lot of us into the upper 50s 61 scottsboro but i temperatures of not warmed in the last several hours great news when it comes to the threa of severe weather but if that warm front does push on through we may see a line of showers an stronger storms some high gusty winds can rule out isolated tornado overnight tonight before things start to settle down but not until early tomorrow morning so andrew lots of rain and the flood threat is gonna be high but still can't discount that severe weather risk especially later tonightresidents there pr worst.

The local e-m-a is keeping folks updated on social media.

They say at least four shelters will be open if needed: the dade county administration building, the justice building, sand mountain united methodist church, rising fawn baptist church, and new home baptist church.

E-m-a director alex case explains that if you're going to go to these shelters, do so before weather warnings go out.

"watch means that systems are favorable and it could happen in a roundabout time looking ahead.

That's the time that if you don't feel safe in your home or a modular home or something and you're in one of these comunities that we'll have listed on our website to call and make sure you can get there and bring the necesities you need for you, your family."

People need to call the shelters ahead of time so they can open up.

Their numbers are listed on the dade county website.

Eight people are dead and at least one wounded after a series of shootings at three massage parlors in the atlanta area.

Nearly all of the victims were asian women, and there are concerns asian-americans were targeted.

21 year old robert aaron long is in custody, arrested 150 miles away after a car chase.

He says he was not racially motivated, but instead has a sex addiction.

Long is being charged with eight counts of murder - four in each of the two counties where the killings occurred.

Representative chuck fleischmann says the biden administration's immigration policies are to blame for a "humanitarian crisis."

Fleischmann was one of several republican congressmen to visit the southern border on monday.

Nearly 37-hundred migrant children flooding the u.s.-mexico border, are being held in detention centers for processing.

One u-t-c political science lecturer agrees this is a crisis, but for another reason.

"the reason this is a humanitarian crisis is that you have a mass exodus of migrants that are leaving their country of origin in pursuit of another.

They're being pushed out of their country."

She says a big part of the problem is a lack of resources to process so many migrants.

Hundreds of schools are waiving testing requirements for college applications, so does that mean it's easier to get into college?

News 12's winston reed gives us a look at lee university's admission's process during the covid-19 pandemic.

In response to the covid pandemic, over 600 colleges and universities, including lee university will not require sat's and act's for 2021 applicants.

"it changes how many office admissions work."

Lee university temporarily pumped the brakes on high school students visiting their campus as well as college fairs.

The university's vice president of enrollment phil cook says a high school senior's body of work now takes precedent over a test score.

"we're looking at more closely at the high school gpa in particular the classes that student is taking to prepare them for the program."

Less requirements on the application forms have influenced more students to expand their college search.

Author of "who gets in and why" jeff selingo, who also examined the admissions process of 3 universities in 2020, says the average acceptance rate is 65 percent nationwide.

"many colleges and universities, especially big publics and elite privates, they've seen a huge surge in applications."

According to the new york times, penn state applications spiked by 11 percent, harvard 42, and colgate 103.

Putting smaller institutions like lee, on the back burner.

"the schools like lee university, private schools, private schools without national recognition, are struggling in terms of applications."

Standup: lee university's department of admissions says graduating seniors are less likely to apply to college because of the covid pandemic.

"the uncertainty of the economy situation.

The uncertainty of the job situation.

Am i going to be able to afford going to school or we just start rallying and circle the wagon.

Our families are trying to survive.

School might have to be put on hold."

Cool says fafsa applications are down nationwide but scholarship money from lee university will now be prioritized for students with a solid body of work.

So what can we expect for many schools going forward?

"about 600 colleges went test optional for the pandemic.

Many of them are extending it for another year.

I have about half of them will never go back.

Reporting in cleveland winston reed news 12 now.

The owner of big chill & grill and scottie's on the river once struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse for 25 years.

Today, scottie bowman is 19 years sober, and ready to help other women fight the battle against addiction.

Her organization, launch pad, houses 8 women and a resident manager who live inside the home full time.

The program helps provide structure, accountability and recovery from substance abuse in a positive welcoming environment.

"this is the opportunity to get clean, build new family relationships, learn how to become a better mother because honestly when they come here we don't even know that.

Most of us can't even manage a checkbook when we get here.

We don't have any interviewing skills."

Participants need to be sober for 30 days, and commit to the program at least a year.

Anyone who's not eating these saint patrick's day doughnuts from krispy kreme will be green with envy.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - they are green!

Today, customers wearing this color can get a free donut in-store at participating locations.

Krispy kreme is also serving up four more festive doughnuts - the lucky gold coin, sprinkles, lucky unicorn, and lucky leprechaun.

Good luck eating just one!

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Pandemic is having on the mental health of teenagers.

Elise preston has the details, in tonight's health watch.

It's been a tough year for many teens like damini parkhi .

Just with being in quarantine a lot, it makes me feel alone.

The pandemic kept the 17-year-old at home.

And away from friends and teachers.

I'd see a neighbor outside - that was my only social life.

These changes in social interactions have perhaps hit teens the hardest during this pandemic, according to a new c.s.

Mott children's hospital national poll.

75 percent of parents report this past year has had a negative impact on their teens connections.

Forty-six percent report signs of a new or worsening mental health condition.

Many teens have experienced disruption in their normal lives that is coming from closed schools, from canceled activities, from an inability to hang out with friends and family.

Just at an age where teens are biologically primed to want to have those experiences with their peers and to begin to separate from their family dr. gary freed is co-director of the poll which also found parents of teen girls were more likely to say their child had new or worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Researchers say parents can help teens cope.

They recommend encouraging safe interactions such as spending time outside , social distancing and mask wearing.

Many parents have also sought the help of either a primary care provider or mental health providers during this time, and the majority of parents who've sought that help have found it to be beneficial for their teen.

Half of parents polled also loosened social media restrictions for their teens and say it helped.

Dr. freed recommends boundaries so that screen time doesn't interfere with physical activity and sleep.

Elise preston, cbs news new york.

Coming up next on prime news at seven... the easter bunny isn't the only one dishing out all of the treats.

In this week's mom to mom segment, we look at a festive snack you can make with your kids.

But first... firsters but with another check i forget you very rainy out there for st.

Patty's day as we view outdoor camera still showing some fog is really thic just a few minutes ago but now that has led up from soddy daisy looking from thrasher pike as a still wet areas of rain but not as heavy as he had into northern hamilton county and i back into the plateau as a right now were at 590 temperatures still below 60 that's good news when it comes in for a severe weather that will continue to watch the warm front as a right now realty committee chock-full at 93% wit a west south westerly breeze keeping on the breeze as well known as temperatures 59 here but 72 below that warm front draping somewhere like they just south of atlanta back into middle tennessee in it will push on through but how long will it take to push on through to be the big question but we still have lots of watches and warnings all of these are of flash flood watches that will continue overnight calmly through tomorrow morning lotta river flooding that will continue i think that's can be major issue more rain we get overnight tonight flooding will pry the art greatest column when it comes to this system notice to the south of tornado warning not too far away i just a stone's throw from gadsden that as it reaches that cooler air the storms right now her tendency tending to weaken a little bit things tell on our radar as the storms look pretty strong and then it runs into th cooler air and didn't discount it becomes an area of moderate rate down to the south were the years a lot more and stable way that some of the storms you see those brighter colors in a different looking type of under storm cells those are indicating some of the severe thunderstorms for us though the rain is can be the big issue an then late i think we may have around of stronger storms present as we had through the overnight and then that will diminish tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon much quieter will have some wraparound cloud ties into the xts but rainfall totals once again likens learning i think a lot of us could see another additional 2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain across north georgia add that on to the 4 to 4 to half that we've had and asked why think flooding is gonna be a big issue for some areas especially from chattanooga back southward in a north georgia northeast alabama look at our hullco weather window though trying to put a glass half-full look at today a squirrel you going nuts over bradley county thanks keisha baker present at another hullco weather window nightly run with in this week's mom to mom segment, we have a fun and crafty treat your kids are going to love.

Check it out.

Today on mom to mom, i have a fun and crafty treat your kids are going to love.

Today, we're making peep oreo pudding cups, and they're both delicious and adorable.

These are super easy to make.

All you need is some pudding, some oreos, starburst, peep, some trolley worms, and maybe some edible grass to make it all look super cute together.

So first you want to crush some oreos.

It's usually about one per pudding cup, depending on how many you're making.

Then you want to stick it right in the pudding.

Then you want to take your peeps and just stick it right into the crushed oreos.

Then you can either take your trolley worms and put it in there, or i like to do starburst.

You take an orange starburst and kind of mold it into a carrot.

And then this is where the edible grass comes in.

I just take a little pinch of the edible grass to make it look like an actual carrot with the greens on top.

You can decorate however you like.

But i personally like to have a rabbit with a carrot, but if your kids love the trolley warms more, just shove them right into the pudding and serve it right up.

These are really fun to make for an afterschool snack, or you can actually send them to a school party.

If you've got some great ideas, we would love to hear about them and you might see those on the next mom to mom.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at covenant college on lookout mountain from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Now, from the ive loo system now pulling out of parts of oklahoma moving into arkansas just a stone's throw from fort smith you see in the cold rare in some snow falling apart the kansas but in this warmer tropical springlike air look at the severe weather spreading from baton rouge on arthur jackson mississippi that's the main life the individual super cells continue to pop out over parts of alabama knows the warm front just to ourselves this warm front eventually you track on to the north the needs and moved through right before the cold front pushes on through an i think that's can be our likeliest window of weather to see stronger storms out probably be after midnight tonight as i the threat of heavy rain is probably in be our vigorous problem here's a look at a regional future cash there you see the stronger showers and storms a couple rounds and looks like areas from chattanooga southward in southwest that will be the most likely area of seeing perhaps the strongest of those storms heading in atlanta by tomorrow morning after that we start to finally drive thing out a windows where the sunshine before some cooler air starts right back around with some of those backlash clouds and would like to stay overcast as we had the thursday night into friday afternoon high temperatures stank into the 50s so it will be a bit chillier out there as we head into the next couple of days but one more look at our titan radar by showing i've onc again a lot of that reina continues to move in from the south and southwest all the tel- he is a we do have better days on the way the safety of weekend plans is can of feel and look so much better out there was still the next 12 hours are gonna be very rainy and very stormy around here i was going show yo a look at our titan radar once again this is showing as our watches and warnings everything that you see in the green colors those are not the for st.

Patrick's day unfortunately those are flash of flood watches and you see the deeper greens those are flood warnings and a lot of those are with the area streams and rivers wouldn' be said rise of these get up dated and creased as we head into the next few hours in areas that you see back to the south and west those are tornado watches and was really interesting about those is that you see a lot of lightning and one cent lightning spreads to the north and east and the cooler air it starts to really diminish but why on the edge of over some severe weather is tornado warnings out there just north of birmingham and to the northeast of tupelo mississippi a look at our titan radar shows a lot of rainy continues to move its way to the north and east the southern edge once again is a certain inch our way and as were some of the stronger storm are now pushing into the county of agnew a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the count so that storm will be heading on out to the north and northeast a long-range forecast a cool start to the weekend but more sunshine moving in mid to deal a frost sunday morning that will have more sunshine in a pleasant start the next week showers and storms probably not until the end of next week so there's a look at our extended future cash still some left ove clouds out there through early saturday morning and will erode those clouds by the afternoon we'll see more sunshine a look at our super cast a shows a lot of sunshine as we head into sunday and monday of next week looks like this next storm system will take its time it ma be the second half of next week fort starts to move on ends up after tonight and early tomorrow morning will be mainly drive fo another good x6 or seven days a week very thankful for that after that though i will see some showers and thundershowers followed by another cool down s even though her moving in springtime andrew the cold air is not finished just yet in fact were to be off to a frosty star to sunday but an recap the next 12 hours areas of heavy rain and once again after midnight tonight we will have the possibility of a few severe storm ... roberts of the product that sur hey, lisa robertson here posswith local steals evere storand deals.

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