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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Over 40 dead and breasted snow geese found in north Chico

Credit: KHSL
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Over 40 dead and breasted snow geese found in north Chico
Over 40 dead and breasted snow geese found in north Chico

Fish and Wildlife officials are investigating dozens of gutted geese that were dumped in a north Chico neighborhood.

Dozens of dead and gutted geese?are found dumped in a neighborhood in north chico.

Action news now reporter kristian lopez investigated what happened and if anything illegal occurred.

Kristian: a morning walk turned into a disturbing sight for many people here in north chico as they stumbled upon more than 40 dead geese.

Roland resendez/neighbor: it's really sad that somebody would do this.

Neighbors near hicks lane and spyglass road?all sharing a similar reaction.

Parmijd pammi/neighbor we have never seen anything like this before, it's very strange and very hurtful.

Each one of the almost 4 dozen dead geese p breasted and left to rot in an empty field barry ceccon/lieutenant, fish and wildlife: the disposal of them like this is totally irresponsible.

Whoever did this, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Fish and wildlife lieutenant barry ceccon says it's legal to hunt the geese and to take the meat but dumping them is not.

Roland resendez/neighbor: people like this mess it up for legitimate hunters and it doesn't make anyone feel good about hunting when they see something like this.

For the most part we have a lot of responsible sportsman out there and i hate it when people do stuff like this that can make other hunters look bad.

Kristian: fish and wildlife officials are asking anyone who may have information on who is responsible to contact their tip line.

In chico kristian lopez action news now coverage you can count on.

Fish and wildlife officials say the daily limit for geese hunting is 20.


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