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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Indiana Tech Commencement

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Indiana Tech Commencement
Indiana Tech Commencement
In-person graduation for class of 2021

Class of 20-21.

The commencement ceremonies will take place on may 15th at allen county war memorial the surprise of many.

Fox 55's nico pennisi is live in fort wayne.what else did students you speak with say about the decision??

Chris, folks here at indiana tech tell me graduation is like....the super bowl everybody's birthday, anniversary and christmas all rolled into one.

Students were extremely disappointed last year when in-person ceremonies were cancelled due to the pandemic.

This year, things are changing.

Abigail zwicker spent four long years earning her biomedical engineering degree at indiana tech.

"hard work and a lot of time outside of school.

Homework and learning time management was huge."like so many graduates last year, she figured the covid 19 pandemic meant it would all end with a zoom graduation.

So when indiana tech made the official announcement today that they'll be having an in- person ceremony, she was ecstatic."there were so many people who were affected last year that couldn't have their ceremonies."

Engelhart says the class of 2020 shouldn't fear - they're welcome to come back.

"we're hoping a lot of 2020 grads come back for 2021 and walk with the class of 2021."to aid in social distancing and reduce audience size during the pandemic, the university has scheduled three separate ceremonies, one for each of its colleges."we're going to be able to keep the crowd size small within a large space.

Which will allow for adequate social distancing for all the grads and their guests.

Certainly, we will continue to monitor local conditions and follow state and local health guidance."the keynote speaker...indiana tech's longest-serving faculty member sherrill hamman.

"indiana tech is family.

Returning to campus was the absolute right thing to do.

Everyone wears masks, we follow the protocols."after 45 years of distinguished service at indiana tech, this year will be her last.

Before retiring, hamman wants to remind graduates they're never too old to say their abc's... "a is aim high.

B is be a lifelong learner.

C is choose joy."

All ceremonies are free and open to the graduates, friends and families.

To stay up to date on commencement-related news, please visit our website w f f t dot com in fort wayne i'm nico pennisi fox 55 news


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