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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Residents react to deadly Roseburg motel shooting

Credit: KEZI
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Residents react to deadly Roseburg motel shooting
Residents react to deadly Roseburg motel shooting
Residents react to deadly Roseburg motel shooting

New information tonight on that motel shooting in roseburg last night.

We have confirmed one person died, and two people were seriously injured.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza spoke with some of the people staying at the motel& and she joins us live to tell us more about the very hectic scene.

Matt, renee-- i across the street of the budget 16 motel where just 24 hours ago?it was chaos.

Many of the residents i spoke to here are still pretty shook up about what went down& especially because all of them knew the victims who were hit yesterday.

And, one man told me that he had a brief encounter with the gunman at one point.

1:27 trt 00:00- paul field, witness:?to me it seems like he came here with a purpose to kill people.


I don know?

Budget 16 motel resident paul field tells me yesterday afternoon was one of the scarriest days of his life.?i heard multiple shots.

And i just knew it was a firearm?

00:06 take lower he was face-to-face with devin lee mcnamara?the suspect who police say shot and killed a man& and injured two women.

According to court documents, mcnamara walked within range of the motel and began shooting at random people he didn know.?then i see a guy walking off.

I guess the gunman.

Then next thing i know he heading toward the road with a riffle?

An off-duty officer happened to be at a business across the street and called 911& and eventually tackled mcnamara when he tried running back to his house to get more bullets.

I ran toward him and grabbed him from the top.

I hit him several times?

Court documents also say 36-year-old michael benson was the man who was killed.

Field says he knew benson and his girlfriend well?who is allegedly one of the female victims.?the gunman was screaming that he wanted drugs.

They don do drugs?

But he also says their legacy will live on& here at the budget 16 motel.?mike was a good guy.

Him and spring both were.

They would do anything for anybody?

Right now, mcnamara is being held on a 750 thousand dollar bail.

After yesterday tragic events, field says he expects some of the permanent residents to move out.

But for those who decide to stay, he says hel be there for them&to help them heal.

Live in roseburg evita garza kezi

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