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Monday, 1 March 2021

Collegedale government problems

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Collegedale government problems
Collegedale government problems

We ask residents about the park issue behind the Collegedale goverrnment turnover.

Decision making was deemed questionable by commissioner ethan white.

Rogers recently fired the director of parks and recreation but only disciplined the chief of police with a paid leave of absence despite being investigated.

News 12 reported on febrary 18th that commissioner ethan white called for city manager ted rogers to resign after failing to communicate plans surrounding a new park.

"the problem is it increases our maintenance costs and our responsibilities totake care of that property."

While white is skeptical, some residents are in favor of new growth in the city.

"they have great plans.

It's a small town and we like to see growth."

Other residents want more transparency before making major decisions.

"i absolutely do think they should be transparent and i think they should be honest with us about the things that they want to do and the reason that they don't want to do things."

Rogers decision making was also called into question after firing the director of parks and recreation for an undisclosed reason but only placing the police chief on paid leave despite being under investigation.

News 12 reached out to white for further comment but we were unsuccessful.

White however did address the matter on februrary 18th.

Suggesting employees should be provided a level of protection if they believe their firing was not justified.

" if an employee is terminated, they have the ability to appeal within so many days and that board of appeals determine whether it was justified firing or if that person needs to be reinstated.

Especially when it comes to law enforcement and other employees that may feel that things are going wrong in a city."

Sources tell news 12 that collegedale's chief brian hickman has resigned and his last day will be februrary 25th.

Two years

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