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Saturday, 6 March 2021

House Debates Aniah's Law

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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House Debates Aniah's Law
House Debates Aniah's Law

Ashley Carter explains why Aniah's mother is certain this law will pass and save lives.

Was impaired new information -- the mother of alabama teenager aniah blanchard...who was tragically kidnapped and murdered in 20-19 says she's fully confident the bill named after her daughter will become state law.

"it's a fight, it's a fight to save lives, aniah fought for her life when she was kidnapped and we're going to finish that fight by helping save other people."

Waay 31 news spoke to blanchard's mother just hours before the house unanimously voted to pass 'aniah's law.'

That law will give judges to ability to deny bond in certain cases involving violence.

Waay 31's ashley carter explains why aniah's mother is certain this law will pass and save lives.

Aniah's case touched the lives of so many people across the state and around the country.

Her mother told me she is still angry about the circumstances regarding the man who is accussed of killing her daughter....but she's using her anger and her grief to do what she can to get 'aniah's law' passed and save the lives of many others.

Angela harris, aniah's mom: "all she wanted was to have a happy life, and to become a teacher, and a softball coach and a mom and just to do good in the world."

But in october of 20-19 19-year old aniah blanchard's life tragically came to an end when she was kidnapped at a lee county gas station...her body found a month later.... angela harris, aniah's mom: "devastating, the biggest heartbreak you could ever imagine in life, and just trying to figure out a way to go on without her.

We take it minute by minute not even day by day."

The man accused of the kidnapping and murder ibrahim yazeed... was out on bond for another kidnapping case at the time.

Angela harris, aniah's mom: "he should not have been out on bond, period and she would still be alive today if the system would not have failed and he would've been in prison - in jail."

It's what inspired lawmakers to draft the bill known as aniah's law which will give judges the ability to deny bond to people accused of more violent crimes..

Under the current state law...judges can only deny bond to people with capital murder offenses robert broussard, madison co.

District attorney: "i'm here to say there are some dangerous people out there and where they need to be is in jail and you hate that that idea is proven in a case like aniah blanchard."

But on the other side of the argument...defense attorneys say the law denies suspect's due process.

Bruce gardner, defense attorney "we're going to allow without standards a judge to impose a no bail upon a particular freedom, it takes away his presumption of innocence his fundamental right to a trial, and it may be who've been - and now covid is partly responsible , four or five years awaiting a trial and that is quiet likely going to be what happens here.

Harris say she understands that viewpoint but believes the law will save families from dealing with tragedies like the one she's faced...and most importantly she believes it's what her daughter would have wanted angela harris, aniah's mom: "the love we have for her we just can't stop, she'd want us to do this, and she was going to do so much good in the world herself and so this way it's like our project with her, how we include her in our life is that we're doing something in her name and her memory to help save lives."

Voters will get the final say on the law where it will appear on the ballot in 20-22.

In the studio ashley carter waay 31 news the legislation passed the house unanimously with a 102 to zero vote.

It now moves to the state senate - but it's not clear when it will


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