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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Tracking COVID Variants

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Tracking COVID Variants
Tracking COVID Variants

WAAY 31 is learning new information on how the COVID variants are impacting testing in North Alabama.


We are learning new information on how the covid variants are impacting testing in north alabama.

Waay 31's alex torres-perez has a look at the science behind identifying these new variants.

Dr. neil lamb with hudson alpha says we don't need to examine every single test.

Even if we wanted to -- at this time -- we don't have enough resources or the capacity to do that.

Testing a percentage of the positive cases can still give us a better sense of what's happening at a broader scale and whether new variants are being created.

Dr. neil lamb sot the virus continuously changes.

That's what viruses do.

They randomly mutate and some of those mutations are actually beneficial for the virus and not so beneficial to us.

So, we should expect that this is a process.

Vocont the entire deep sequencing process can take any where from a couple hours to several days.

Live the fda issued new guidance for test developers asking them to monitor how covid variants are impacting testing results.

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