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Monday, 8 March 2021

Increase In Vaccination Efficiency

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Increase In Vaccination Efficiency
Increase In Vaccination Efficiency
The Dekalb County Health Department is changing the way they it doses vaccines.

The dekalb county health department is changing the way they it doesevaccines.

It's teaming up with emergency management.

Vaccines will soon be given out during drive-thru events and once a week.

Waay31s sierra phillips joins us live at the agri-business center.

That's where the new plan will kick off march 1st.

Sierra, why the change?

Emergency management officials tell me this new plan will be more efficient, and give them the capacity to do more appointments per day.

Crosby- "it was an ordeal" that's how mary crosby described working to get her mom a coronavirus vaccine.

She told me she made countless phone calls for weeks.

Crosby- "there were no appointments."

Crosby's mom eventually got her shot at her doctor's office-- but for those still on waiting lists and working to get their shot through the health department changes are on the way.

Clifton- "that's what we're trying to do -- improve efficiency.

" to do that the vaccine clinics will move from the smaller parking lot at the health department to the argi-business center on march 1st and march 8th and then the fort payne fair grounds starting march 15th.

There will be 800 vaccines given out at each monday clinic-- 400 1st round and 400 second to start but-- clifton- "as medicine increases we will be able to increase our efficiency to handle more people."

After march 15th the plan is to continue giving out vaccines on monday's at the fort payne fair grounds until they don't need to anymore.

Reporting live in dekalb county sierra phillips waay31 news.

Dekalb county emergency management is set to run a drive-thru vaccination clinic at the agri-business center on march 2nd as well.

That clinic is solely to give out second doses to those who got their first dose

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