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Monday, 8 March 2021

Controversy surrounds School Choice Expansion Bill

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Controversy surrounds School Choice Expansion Bill
Controversy surrounds School Choice Expansion Bill

The Indiana House has passed a bill that would expand the school voucher program.

This essentially gives money to parents to send their kids to private schools in some cases.

However, it’s drawing controversy.

What's ahead with the state restrictions.

The indiana house has passed a bill that would expand the school voucher program.

This essentially gives money to parents to send their kids to private schools... in some cases.

But the legislation is drawing controversy.

News 10's dominic miranda spoke with stakeholders on both sides of the legislation.

He joins us now live in our newsroom with details on where both sides stand.


I spoke with representative s of both the indiana non public education association... and the vigo county teachers union today.

Both laid out why they are in support or opposed to this bill.

It really comes down to one thing... state funding.

[take pkg incue: the school choice outcue: **bite** to be successful duration:1:40] pk} the school choice expansion bill contains several parts that deal with school vouchers... but the most controversial appears to involve establishing indiana's first educational savings account program.

This focuses on students with special needs..foster children...and students from military families.

Rather than converting the funding directly to a voucher... it goes into a savings account where a parent has more control over how funds are spent.

It could be for private school tuition or services like tutors.

John elcesser is with the i-n-p-e-a.

He says this program provides more opportunities for students and families.... "no matter who their child is or what their educational interests or needs are, they can find the school that's the right fit for them.

Personally, we don't care if that's in public, private or charter.

As long as it's a place where a student can be successful.

That's why we support choice because it provides those options for families who typically would not be able to afford them."

Jodie buckallew is a teacher and member of the vigo county teachers union... she contends that 93 percent of all k through 12 students in indiana attend public schools... and that's where the funding...which is based off of enrollment...should stay.

"ultimately when we defund public education..

We are defunding the learning conditions of 93 percent of students across the state of indiana."

Elcesser says he respects those who oppose this proposed legislation... but he believes rather than this be a funding issue... it should be about the students.

"too often, i believe, the education debate comes down to dollars and cents.

But to me what's most important in education is, are kids getting a quality education and an opportunity to be successful?"

The bill is successful?"

The bill is on it's way to the state senate.... we'll be sure to update you on its progress moving forward.

Reporting live in the newsroom i'm dominic miranda news 10 weather adlib weather adlib tonight weather adlib weather adlib

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