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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Vigo County Jail Progress

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Vigo County Jail Progress
Vigo County Jail Progress
Vigo County Jail is coming in under budget.

The program.

It's 15 weeks long.

Construction at the new vigo county jail has been underway for a little over a year now... while there have been multiple set-backs in the construction... there is some good news coming out about the jail... news 10's tucker white is live at the location for the new jail.

He joins us to tell us about the progress being made.

Patrece... rondrell the need for a new jail has been around as long as the old jail has... over crowding has been something vigo county has grown used to... the new jail is set to change that problem... [take pkg outcue: *byte* would be fantastic.

Duration:1:07] pk} construction on the jail began in december of 20-19... and while there is plenty of progress... there were also some set-backs along the way... "the jail is unfortunately 58 days delayed due to weather.

A lot of that was when we first started.

The ground was too wet.

We had got a lot of rain."

Plasse tells us they are working with the construction team on what the offices in the jail will look like.

The estimated time of completion for the jail is march of 20-23... this is two months later than it was orginally planned to be done.

Officials are eager to get into the new jail to help ease the over-crowding problem that the current vigo county jail has right now... the time of completion is not the only thing that has changed about this project... the budget looks a little different than what was planned... "its under budget... when you can be under budget on a project of this magnitude thats awesome and i think the counsel and commissioners have done a great job of making sure its under budget."

Being under budget is saving the tax payers money... plasse says this is something that each construction project aims to do..

But that isn't always possible.

However these savings are appreciated by residents around the area.... "being under budget and being able to complete that would be fantastic."


The jail is scheduled to be completed in march of 20-23.

As always... news 10 will keep you updated on any changes with the jail and constuction.

Live in terre haute... tucker white... news 10...

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