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Sunday, 7 March 2021

NYSUT, NYSED respond to federal decision to mandate standardized testing

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NYSUT, NYSED respond to federal decision to mandate standardized testing
NYSUT, NYSED respond to federal decision to mandate standardized testing

New York State United Teachers is speaking out against the U.S. Department of Education’s decision to mandate standardized testing for this school year.

Administration will not allowtes to waivestandardizk tupaj tells us what to exct for new york students.

Despite the pandemic, states will not be allowed to cancel feday mandated standardized exams this year.

The u.s. dertmentof s to waive the testing lt spring.

States will be allowed to administer shorter versions of state exams, and even delay the testing until the summer or even into the next school year.

I spoke with jolene dibrango with new york state united teachers.

Their stance on forcing students to take a standardized test is clear.


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None sot: jole drango, nysuexecutive ve present nothing abo theteachinge do not believe it is faitoassest makes zero sense to us right now.

New york was one of the states that did file for a waiver this year, however the federal government is looking for information about how students have been affected by the pandemic.

The department of education writes: 'we must also specifically be prepared to address the educational inequities at have bn exacbated by the ndemic,includie states, school districts, and schools to target resours and supports to the students with the greatest needs.'

Sot: jolene dibrango, nysutexecutivet we saw across the stateas wide support for both the testing waiver, and the accountability waiver that the state education departme put in.

So they actually put this up for public comment, and parents, teachers, education stakeholders alike responded, and they overwhelmingly supported the state moving forward with asking the federal government for the waiver.

The department of education says it's allowing remote administration where feasible, and encouraging district's to consider excluding the test results from students' final grades, but that's probably not the case here in new york.

Sot: jolene dibrango, nysut executive vice president we believe that the test will be more traditional, the way we have seen it in the past, and we don't believe there will be a remote tion for neyork state students.

E decisioto foro school to take a test isn't likely to sit well with some parents.

Sot: jolene dibrango, nysut executive vice president parents have made decisions around the safety andll-being on children.

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