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Monday, 1 March 2021

First Responders Pay Forward Act of Kindness

Credit: WEVV
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First Responders Pay Forward Act of Kindness
First Responders Pay Forward Act of Kindness
First Responders Pay Forward Act of Kindness

Dot com social media can be a powerful tool---*especially when it is used for good.

44news reporter megan diventi explains - how one heart- felt tip - is going a long way for a waiter - short- changed by 20-20.... tik tok nat: "hey all i hope you stick around until the end of the video."

It was a random act of kindness-- born from a---tik- tok video... "he just put out there that hey this would be something we want to do and if anybody was interested and everybody just jumped on board with it."

Tiffany and justin whaley of daviezz county--- have both been working tirelessly during this pandemic.... tiffany is an emt and justin is a firefighter- paramedic... they decided to raise money to help a stranger---- "it was one week the majority of it we probably hit 400 within the first 24 hours and then it just climbed from there."

From there--they chose the landing in newburgh--- asking management for help in finding their recipient--- "he immediately told me ryan."

"ryan is a hard worker, shows up pretty early to make sure everything gets done and he stays to make sure everything gets cleaned afterwards."

Ryan wharton never expected his day to take a drastic turn.... "we struggled a lot because we didn't have steady income and we couldn't work from home like some people can do, so it got a little hard for a lot of us."

Tik tok video---- "i backed away from the camera and i started crying because i was like 'are you serious?'

It was crazy."

"i was crying and then i tried to hold back my tears a little bit so i didn't have a full on ugly cry coming down."

Wharton says the money is already in savings for his children... "i hope that somebody else can get blessed that way as well like i did or better.

I just hope that whoever gets looked out next, appreciated it as much as i did."

Reporting in newburgh,


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