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Friday, 26 February 2021

Local higher education partnerships

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Local higher education partnerships
Local higher education partnerships
Local higher education partnerships

First at 4.

I'm katie lange today is the rochester chamber of commerce's first "eggs and issues" event of 2021... it's a quarterly event to talk about local business issues.

The focus of today's virtual meeting was on higher education in the med city.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson joins us now in studio.


Rpu liveye katie ?

"* obviously colleges and universities across the nation have really been thrown for a loop in the last year and have had to make a lot of adjustments.

But one of the things rochester's four schools highlighted today are the new programs and partnerships they've been able to forge during these unprecedented times.

Here's some of the highlights.

Just last week ?

"* google announced its opening a rochester office.

University of minnesota rochester is launching "nxt gen med" ?

"* a pilot health science degree in partnership with google and mayo clinic.

"take some of those lessons that are still emerging and better serve students."

Rochester community and technical college is moving ahead with it's new aviation pilot degree ?

"* aimed at addressing a workforce shortage.

"believe it or not, pilots are aging out so we need to get younger people in the pipeline of pilots."

Winona state university rochester launched a wound ostemy care certification this semester.

It's in partnership with mayo and olmsted medical center.

"it's really about that responsiveness to industry needs."

Today saint marys university rochester is announcing a new partnership with viterbo university... the school also highlighted its partnership with mayo clinic ?*- the 3 plus 2 p?

"*a program ?

*o put students on a fast track to becoming physician assistants.

"cooperation and collaboration partnership is the name of the game going forward for higher ed."

Rpu liveye you may have noticed during that clip ?

"* or very own tyler utzka moderated this morning's conversation.


Thank you annalise.

Coming up on kimt news 3 at six ?

"* we'll look at some of the ways these schools have overcome challenges during

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