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Sunday, 7 March 2021

ATM Thefts Across State Lines Could Be Connected

Credit: WEVV
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ATM Thefts Across State Lines Could Be Connected
ATM Thefts Across State Lines Could Be Connected
ATM Thefts Across State Lines Could Be Connected


First tonight --- a pair of attempted atm thefts leaves two tri-state banks with damaged machines*and police officers wondering if the cases are connected.

One of those crimes -- happening in hopkins county -- the other -- here in the river city.

44news reporter marisa patwa has been following this story all day and is live in evansville with the latest details.*marisa?

Just before four sunday morning -- two men tried to steal an atm at hancock bank in madisonville with an f-two fifty truck and just this morning -- right before six -- two men attempted the same thing at the heritage federal credit union here in evansville.

What's even more interesting?

-- if the evansville crime is not a copy cat -- and these two cases are connected --- these suspects stole two trucks in hopes of committing the same crime in twenty six hours.... it's a tale of two banks-- both-- locations visited by a pair of thieves-- in both cases -- the burglary attempts were unsuccessful in madisonville the suspects fled as soon as they tipped off the bank's security "whenever there's any tampering with the atm and the building -- then what happens is the alarm went off and our officers were able to respond."

-- in evansville -- the thieves used a similar type of vehicle and got a little bit farther -- able to actually pull the atm out from the ground -- but for reasons unknown -- abandoned it "the atm had been dislodged from where it was sitting -- it was still in the parking lot -- so the suspects were unsuccessful in retrieving the atm."

And this is not the first time that something like this has happened in the tri-state "over the summer -- it was two guys in a pick- up truck -- chained their truck up to an atm and took off with it -- that was in our downtown area here."

"several years ago they were trying of something of this nature in paducah, kentucky and so what they did is took all of their local branches and they went and reinforced the atms to make it even more difficult for them to try and remove those machines."

Now while the task force officers working on this case haven't officially linked the two just yet -- they say it is very likely it is the same would- be thieves "it's always possible.

We don't want to rule anything out until we know for sure -- of course we understand that crime does not stop at the borders -- whether it's the county line or the state line."

And with the criminals still on the loose -- officers are on high alert for when they may try to lift another atm "it's a trend that we're starting to see -- obviously when these alarms come out -- and given that a lot of the snow and ice is gone -- we'll probably have officers showing up quicker than what we had in the past."

Now if these suspects are apprehended -- they will be facing serious federal charges and could very well be prosecuted in both kentucky and indiana where the crimes were committed reporting live in evansville marisa patwa

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