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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Frisch's Big Boy Lenten Specials 2/23/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Frisch's Big Boy Lenten Specials 2/23/2021
Frisch's Big Boy Lenten Specials 2/23/2021

Brett introduces us to Chef John Zenk of Frisch's to talk about this year's Lenten specials and Frisch's Famous Tartar sauce, National Tartar Sauce Day and the Lenten Family Meal.Two new Fish sandwich additions are their Saracha fish and Lemon Pepper fish sandwiches.

But we also do it was a pretty warm c1 3 script brett-host: hey everyone, brett edwards here and i'm joined by a very special guest.

We have chef john zenk of frisch's big boy here with us.

Chef, thank you so much for joining us.

Chef: thanks for having us today, we appreciate it very much.

Brett-host: absolutely.hey, so we are in the lenten season, which for those that don't know, you cannot eat meat on fridays.

Could be very problematic if you love meat, but luckily you can turn to our friends of the sea in the form of seafood and fish.and i heard that when it comes to fish, frisch's big boy is definitely a great place to visit, is that correct?

Chef: yeah,that's right.

So every year we sponsor a day, national tartar sauce day, which is friday the 19th.

So that's what the celebration is kind of about with lent,we've aligned that with lent.

We have some new fish sandwiches here as well as our lenten family meal.

Brett-host: awesome.tell us a little bit about the spread you've got in front of you because it looks really good, and is it socially acceptable to eat all that in one sitting?

Chef: so every year, every day we offer our traditional fish sandwich, which is a top seller for us every year with our tartar sauce on it.

The onion rings we hand-bread in our restaurant.

In addition, so this year for lent, we added two new flavors to our original cod sandwich; lemon pepper, and then we've also added down herewith our spicy tartar sauce, as we callo you can get a spicy versioor our tradiett-host: i love it.hed whe to f: yes.

Brett-host: you t mentio bit abothe dwiches.

Chef: we've also th eating out and more pa fish meal, a fay fish meal thah, or you can switch that orimp.

You get o large sides, s broccoli, but you c get coleslaw, onion rings or french fries, that type of thing as your side.

Then with every family fish meal, you get a jar of our tartar sauce, so you will always have plenty of tartar sauce for your fish.

Brett-host: chef,you're speaking my language.

Tell us... we're still kind of in a pandemic, butt here's many ways that people can visit frisch's, give us some of the options that our viewers can find you guys.

Chef: yeah, so you can go on on

We have a coupon code on there right now for 10%off if you order through our site.

Tartar 10 is the 10% off coupon you can use to order online, you can get that for carry out, you can go to... we also have curbside, so you can pull right up and we will bring your food right out to your car there as well.

And then you can also go through our drive-through traditionally, or eat in our restaurant.

Brett-host: i love it.thank you so much, chef, for all the options.

Be sure to visit frisch's big boy, several locations across central kentucky, not just on fridays for your fish, but also any day of the week.

So chef, thank you so much for coming on.

Chef: all right,thank you very much.


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