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Friday, 5 March 2021

20 South Side alum received generous scholarships from one of their own

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20 South Side alum received generous scholarships from one of their own
20 South Side alum received generous scholarships from one of their own

Twenty former South Side High School students who are now at Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne and Warsaw will graduate with almost nothing to repay thanks to a new scholarship funded by one of their own.

Tonight -- a select group of ivy tech students will have little to no debt thanks to a new scholarship program.the program totals nearly 200 thousand dollars donated to former south side high school 55's caleb saylor reports how the scholarship was made possible and what it means to these students was very afraid that i was going to be in debt my whole life.

Her classmates at ivy tech don have to worry about th any longer, thanks to an anonymous donor the donor, an alum of south side high school, gave a gift of two hundred thousand dollars to ivy tech, helping set up the south side high school multicultural scholarship.

As a senior at south side.

Davis didn plan on going to college.

At i wasn first, but then i was like oh i heard about a scholarship.

So i was like, you know i might as well go.

Ivy tech, shel graduate with little to no debt, on her way to becoming a teacher in the fort wayne area.

Tracina smith with ivy tech says this was the wish of the donor, to help keep the future of the community here locally, which is why they worked with ivy tech to make that happen .

Vy t mission is to educate the workforce of northeast indiana, whether we are upskilling or straight out of high school, we want to keep that talent right here in fort wayne.

When smith heard someone wanted to make that happen, for students like davis who wouldn be able to afford college any hen r way you have someone who stepped in a a realizes that there populati have a don choice or an option to pay for schooling...we were thrilled, over the moon.

She grateful to get the chance to go to college and someone wanted to pay for it.

And she says if you want to go to college... ou just have to put your mind to it.

If you want to do things in life, you have to try harder wayne, caleb saylor, fox 55 news.

All of the scholarships were given out in honor of communities leaders throughout northeast indiana from diverse backgrounds.?

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