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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Vigo County Middle and High School students going back to in-person learning

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Vigo County Middle and High School students going back to in-person learning
Vigo County Middle and High School students going back to in-person learning

After looking at the data and numbers, the Vigo County School Corporation COVID-19 taskforce is saying it's a good time to go back.

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Big news tonight for vigo county parents.

The school corporation is putting some of it's students back in the classroom... in person!

It was a decision passed at the vigo county school board meeting tonight.

News 10's sarah lehman is live in our newsroom.

In your continuing coverage tonight... she has more on the big move.


Middle and high schoolers in the vigo county school corporation are getting back to the classroom!

The school board voted to start in person learning tuesday through friday in the next few weeks.

It's been just almost a year since the vigo county school corporation decided to start remote learning.

Because of the covid - 19 pandemic -- and the fight to keep everyone safe but -- a lot of parents say it's time to get back in school "i feel as though for my son personally, there has been a definite loss with his education this year."

Julie mahurin has a son who is a junior in high school.

She says this year leading up to college is now what anyone expected.

"he had goals of maintaing a straight a gpa and that hasn't happened and it's been very disheartening.

He's still an a b student don't get me wrong he's not failing classes but it's been a struggle."

She says she knows her family is not alone!

Monday night -- at the vigo county school board meeting mahurin and 2 other parents spoke out in support of bringing middle and high school students back to in person learning.

And after weeks of looking at the data -- the covid-19 task force proposed a return plan.

The school board approved vigo county middle schoolers to return to in person learning four days a week tuesday through friday.

Starting march second.

And high schoolers starting march 9th.

Mahurin says it's time.

"it's just time for our students to be back in the classroom setting.

It's time for them to start learning in the classroom setting and interacting with fellow students and teachers.

The corporation says they will continue to monitor the numbers and data closely.

They say right now -- everything is day by day.

Reporting live in the


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