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Monday, 1 March 2021

Lextran union 2.22.21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Lextran union 2.22.21
Lextran union 2.22.21

Kaitlyn Shive takes us to a LexTran bus driver union meeting, where drivers think they aren't being properly protected

Bus drivers and other lextran employees say the agency isn't doing enough to keep them safe from covid-19.

Abc 36's kaitlyn shive attended a union meeting tonight...where employees voiced concerns about safety and retaliation for speaking up.

"if we feel our company is disrespecting us than others on the street are disrespecting us and it shows everyday" a dozen lextran employees shared their concerns about the company monday during a local 639 transit union meeting.

"they're quick to go on and say this is a family this and that but no were the red headed step children it's not a family atmosphere here unless its amongst the drivers " hue mason--a bus driver with the company says lextran does not provide proper ppe for drivers.

"they give us masks uh twice within a year and we get access to gloves but as far as you know we still gotta drive with packed buses we do the customer service we walk up and down the walkway all day long and we just dont feel we have what we need to be protected" mason says he was hesitant to speak on camera--afraid of retaliation from the company for voicing his concerns.

"but im a grown man i have to take responsibilities of what i do as well as i feel like other companies have to take responsibility of things that are happening" president of local 639 steven richardson says lextran's covid-19 sick leave policy and lack of hazard pay are also issues.

"2021 is around if people doesn't have enough sick time or dl time to actually cover if they do get sick they could actually have to go without pay and face a penalty from lextran he says he's invited board members to attend the union meetings and hear the concerns for years now-- but they never show.

"something is wrong but nobody cares"" in lexington kaitlyn shive abc 36 news.

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